The Dating Write-Up: Best Practices for Finding Love in B-School

In the first-year Negotiations case, the electric utility company Endesa and the indigenous people of Chile, the Pehuenche, came to a stalemate in negotiating the terms over which the Pehuenche would allow their ancestral lands to be flooded for a hydropower dam. Endesa threw more and more money at the people only to realize that… Continue reading The Dating Write-Up: Best Practices for Finding Love in B-School

HBS Hangouts-Sonsie

SonsieDetails:Dinner for two: $100327 Newbury Street (at Massachusetts Avenue)617-351-2500 If you have ever strolled up and down Newbury Street doing a tough day of shopping, you will no doubt have walked by this restaurant. In the summer, its high French doors open onto the sidewalk, making it prime people-watching real estate. However, the warm glow… Continue reading HBS Hangouts-Sonsie

Treehuggers Unite

Crunchy, granola, it’s just not “us”; by us, that is, the collective HBS student body. You know…HBS prizes itself on its buttoned-down look. For example, in a recent class, I counted no less than 25 well-pressed shirts of varying shades of blue. And that was just the guys. Women here wear expensive shoes and matching… Continue reading Treehuggers Unite

The Priscilla Ball – The Recap and Remorse

Last Friday, October 18 half of the HBS population participated in annual ritual sponsored by the Aussie & Kiwi Club to display a different side to the usual business school persona seen in class everyday. Take it from me, it was a most splendid and mahhhhrvelous time. The Ball started at 8:00pm, which did not… Continue reading The Priscilla Ball – The Recap and Remorse