Events Around Town

Art & DesignTue., Sept. 30 “Planning for Great Cities.” (Loeb Fellowship Program, GSD) Ofer Manor, chief architect, City of Jerusalem, Israel; Gerald Green, director of planning, City of San Francisco; Ann Coulter, executive vice president, RiverCity Company, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Gund Hall, GSD, 48 Quincy St., 12:30 p.m. Wed., Oct. 1 “American Neoclassical Sculpture: Another Marble… Continue reading Events Around Town

Film Review: Adaptation

The big epiphany line in this movie is “You are what you love, not who loves you.” Well, as nice as this nonsense seems, I can certainly say that I am not Adaptation. No part of my heart, body or mind is made up of this movie. Part of me is diet Coke and part… Continue reading Film Review: Adaptation


I couldn’t get dressed this morning. Everything seemed inappropriate. All my t-shirts with groovy designs, all my summer dresses, my pants, my surfer shorts, my khakis, my suits. Nothing was right. Showering felt too indulgent, too superficial. Do I put on my earrings or leave them off? Should I bother with my hair? Then I… Continue reading 12-Sep-01