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Gender at HBS: An Open Letter to the Harbus

We are three women from the Class of 2013 who are writing in response to the Harbus articles regarding the recent New York Times feature on gender at HBS.  We believe that, amidst the commentary prompted by the coverage, the Harbus conversation, led by the pieces “It will be OK,” and “A Response to Jodi Kantor,” have perhaps missed the…


The Harvard Business School Under Fire

In a detailed and controversial account of his 2-years at HBS, Philip Delves Broughton has ignited a firestorm of criticism directed at the Harvard Business School, its students and business education in general. With coverage from the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Economist, etc., Ahead of the Curve has generated a…


Reinventing the Avon Lady

If Andrea Jung, CEO of Avon Products since 1999, had one recurring theme in her speech at HBS on November 6, it would be “reinvention.” Jung, who was ranked 35 in the Forbes list of 100 Most Powerful Women in 2005, stressed the importance of constantly reinventing oneself as a person and a leader, as…


Saturday Night Live Emmy Award Winner Enthralls Crowd

If the old adage holds true that people’s ears burn when they are being talked about, then conservatives must have been in some pain last Tuesday evening. Comedian-turned-political commentator Al Franken (think Saturday Night Live) entertained an overflowing crowd on September 30th at the First Parish Church in Harvard Square. Fully an hour before the…


Ron Gettelfinger

On Wednesday, March 5, HBS welcomed a different sort of guest to campus. Ron Gettelfinger, President of the UAW, spoke before a standing room only crowd in Hawes Hall. Gettelfinger cautioned against the dangers of losing American jobs overseas and called for stronger policies to rebuild U.S. manufacturing capabilities. Unions and management, he argued, should…


Baby, It's Cold Outside

I hate to state the obvious. But it is cold. Darn cold. It’s all I can think about or talk about. I’ve consumed more Swiss Miss hot chocolate in the past week than I have in the past five years combined. I no longer race directly to my computer to check email when I walk…


Jews For Harbus

I’ve never been particularly religious. Sure, I was bat-mitzvah-ed, I go to temple on the high holidays, I attend Passover seders (although try to boycott those that exceed twenty minutes), I utter the occasional Yiddish phrase, and I went to religious school on Wednesday afternoons at the most reform temple in Manhattan (so reform, it…


Media Morality… Misplaced

I am horrified. CBS has decided to air two hours of never-seen-before graphic footage of the September 11th attacks on Sunday, March 10th, despite objections from several Senators, a prosecutor, and many victims’ family members. In the New York Times, William Schmidt, the prosecutor who urged CBS to wait another six months before airing the…


Phoenix Rising: Media in Asia

At the Asia Business Conference media discussion, Mr. Wu Xiaoyong, CEO of Phoenix Satellite Television and Ms. Sheryl WuDunn, Project Director for the New York Times Strategic Planning Group, led a powerful discussion on trends taking shape in the rapidly growing Asian media market, focusing primarily on China. The panel sought to identify opportunities to…


The End of the End of Big Government

It has been 20 years since President Reagan gave the policy pendulum a mighty push toward minimalist government. With bold strokes, he deregulated the airlines, privatized air traffic control, and set in motion cheaper, less centralized government. Later, as the Cold War waned, the stature of the private sector grew taller and business principles became…


Zibby Crashes Chatham

It?s easy to get caught up in the heavy workload of first semester. It?s tempting to become totally distracted by things like midterms or group projects. But I seem to remember a certain PowerPoint presentation delivered during Orientation Week in Burden that instructed us all to keep some balance in our lives. Remember?Well, last weekend…


HBS' New Look On the Web

If you are like me, you probably experienced some system shock when you returned to campus this Fall. Indeed, the abrupt transition from cool jobs, free evenings (sorry bankers) and exotic vacations, to omnipresent construction, long lines at Spangler and vanishing commuter parking, to name a few, was quite disturbing. But while many of you…

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