Insider’s Perspective – China

China is the country where Confucianism is deeply rooted in daily routine and harmony is built within individual, family, and community. It is the country where you can enjoy the exciting modern life and appreciate the miraculous ancient wisdom and the country where a dragon is mascot but everyone loves the pandas. China welcomes you.… Continue reading Insider’s Perspective – China

Waste audit results are in: 23% of HBS trash is recyclable!

On a cold Tuesday afternoon this past November, while most HBS students were busy reading cases, working out in Shad or enjoying our daily naps, a few HBS Green Living Representatives were digging through bags of trash in an Allston facility. Yes, you read correctly – trash – smelly, slimy, completely uncensored garbage generated by… Continue reading Waste audit results are in: 23% of HBS trash is recyclable!

New Wellness Club Helps HBS Students Keep New Year's Resolutions

Have you made a New Year’s resolution such as eating better, exercising more, losing weight, or feeling less stressed? If that’s the case, then the Wellness Club is the community for you. The Wellness Club, a new student club at HBS, has benefits for fitness enthusiasts and novices alike. According to co-president Sean Eldridge (NE),… Continue reading New Wellness Club Helps HBS Students Keep New Year's Resolutions

Green Living – Say No to Bottled Water

Being a health conscious business school student, you make a New Year’s resolution to drink more water. In your effort to reach the impossible goal heralded by doctors and health experts alike of drinking 8-10 glasses per day, you begin to purchase bottled water. It’s portable, tastes good and is conveniently available at all of… Continue reading Green Living – Say No to Bottled Water

Green Living – New Year, Green You!

Learn a few easy steps that will minimize your impact on the environment. “I will exercise more.” “I will spend more time with family and friends.” “I will lose weight.” Most of us make New Year’s resolutions each year, vowing to improve our lives and ourselves. But who makes New Year’s resolutions for our natural… Continue reading Green Living – New Year, Green You!

Ringing in 2007

2007 dawned amidst through a fog of uncertainty and uneasiness around the world. The run up to the New Year was dogged by news of the expedited execution of the former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, and news of the 3000th American military fatality since the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Despite the relief in some… Continue reading Ringing in 2007

A Sommelier's Secret:

It’s All About the Bubbles. Once again it’s that time again, out with old in with the New Year. Among our preparations of what to do on the 31st is what Champagne to buy. Personally, I prescribe to the philosophy of the late Madame Bollinger. “I drink it when I’m happy or when I’m sad…… Continue reading A Sommelier's Secret:

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Money-Saving Ski Tips

When it comes to skiing in New England, there’s certainly no shortage of options. You can stay in the area and head to local resorts such as Nashoba Valley or Wachusett Mountain. If Vermont or Maine is your ideal destination, hop in the car and in a couple of hours you could be swishing your… Continue reading Money-Saving Ski Tips

Frogs on Holiday

Welcome back, Froggies!!!!!!! Before we get too caught up in 2002, I want to take us way back to December, when Section F had a grand old time at Karim Hutson’s end-of-the-semester party. Richard Starling’s darling was treated to a full round of applause HBS-style and Donghao Yang taught us all Chinese drinking games (as… Continue reading Frogs on Holiday

The new age of D

Relaxed, worn out, or just incredibly tanned from our experiences over Winter Break, the House of D has returned to find the changes for the New Year are not reserved for the White House alone. This House has some significant changes of its own! First of all, several D’s have returned with new looks for… Continue reading The new age of D