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2009 China Trek – Shanghai

Shanghai was the final leg of the journey.The first thing that strikes you about Shanghai is the size. This is a huge city. Skyscrapers dominate the skyline, most of which have been built in the last 20 years. Typically when I travel I would never consider going to “The Urban Planning and City Construction Museum”,…


Regional Profiles – The Northeast – Stay a While

This article is about why you-and just about everyone-should stay in the Northeast after graduating from HBS. From the investment bank to the consulting firm to the mutual fund, Boston invents it, New York builds it, and Washington regulates it. For nearly anything in business, you can’t pick a better place than the Northeast. You…


Focus On… Movies!!

Unfortunately, the ten days in the year when Boston actually manages to have nice weather are over. But lucky for you, your internationally acclaimed A&E editors are here to give you advice on what to do now that you can’t have fun outside. Should you have intellectually stimulating conversations about politics, world events, or which…


Springsteen at Fenway: Another Reason I Love New Jersey

Bosston- As a Long Islander, New Jersey has always been very important to me. Without the NJ, I might not have developed the personal confidence and pride that can only come from being raised in the second-most insulted place in the country (or in the Northeast anyway, because there’s always Pittsburgh- the ‘Cadillac of Cities’…


Winter Travel Special: Location, Location, Location

The classic HBS student struggle continues: Lots of time, no money – versus – lots of money, no time. After careful consideration, my wife and I decided that Citiassist is there to take advantage of, and so we should exploit the “lots of time” while we have it this coming winter break. The next big…


Credit Checks and the Finance Job Search

Maybe in college you got a little crazy with your new credit card and forgot to pay off a few bills. Maybe a few years later you started a web site to sell rutabagas online but filed for Chapter 11 instead of an IPO. Maybe after that, you got divorced and your spouse refused to…

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