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Do you find yourself stuck in the same routine during weekends? Do you wish there were more to life than laundry and walking across the bridge? You might not get the time to fly to London, but you feel it would be refreshing to explore someplace new, quaint and potentially “New England” with your friends…


“The G-25”

When the new Section H arrived at the Eagle Mountain House, a resort in Jackson, New Hampshire, they thought they were just in for a fun weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the Harvard Business School and Boston, but instead the community invited them as a group of distinguished guests. So how did…


It’s Never Been a Better Time to be a Democrat

In many ways, this election reminds me of FDR’s 1932 campaign. FDR ran a campaign as a great communicator against the stumpy Herbert Hoover. He campaigned through a tumultuous economic environment, with a failing banking system, high unemployment, and in a relatively hostile global environment. The 1932 election was also transformative. During the 70 years…


A Note from the Editor

Welcome back. It was an eventful break. We saw oil finally finish its inexorable climb toward $100 a barrel, HBS students scrambling to avoid the violence in Kenya, and the historic assassination of former prime minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto. America has also been captivated by a Presidential election pregnant with energy. A Harvard MBA…


HBS Blades Capture Tuck MBA Hockey Tournament Championship

How do you know it’s time to head home after an HBS weekend trip? For Craig Lund (NH) and his HBS Blades teammates, it wasn’t the pressure of reading cases or a long drive home from Dartmouth. When the referee of the championship game at the annual Tuck MBA Hockey Tournament ejected Lund with the…


Yomping in New England

“Why am I doing this to myself?” This is the question that keeps on nagging me as I roll out of bed at 5:45am on a Saturday morning. It is still nearly an hour before sunrise and the Friday night party beats are still rattling through my semi-conscious body. I reach something resembling a vertical…



Maybe it’s just me, but I honestly view graduation as the coming of the apocalypse. When friends talk to me about plans for the summer or next year, I’m almost confused. What do you mean? I have to leave? It’s not even so much that I’m scared of graduating; I’m literally completely in denial. Relationships…


Crossing the Chasm:

Last week the Harbus ran a special section for skiers. Included in this section were articles on saving money on the slopes and avoiding overcrowded mountains. As it so often happens, the topic of Nordic skiing was overlooked, though it offered a remedy to both problems. Nordic, or cross country skiing, is a great alternative…


Intraview Post-Game Interview

Me n’ Her: Goldie: This is the first time I’ve ever considered asking this question in an Intraview interview, but here it goes: Who would you say came closest to death on this Intraview? Gelman: No one in my definition (emphasis added) came close to death. But if we’re talking close like in horseshoes, then…


HBS Streaks to Victory

On Friday, February 22, delegations from nearly 20 MBA programs descended upon Hanover, New Hampshire to take part in a long-standing B-School tradition, The Tuck Winter Carnival. HBS racers barely made it to their hotel rooms before the tone for the weekend was set. A group of other MBA students eagerly greeted us as we…


Harvard Business School Blood Drive

Tuesday, July 17, 2001, 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m., Shad HallTop 10 Reasons to Give Blood 10. You’ll get a sticker you can wear the rest of the day – “Be nice to me, I donated blood today.”9. You can add a new vocabulary word to your daily conversations to describe your heroic experience:* Phlebotomy…


Ask the Local:

Local – I keep meaning to get out more, and they keep telling me the weather is going to improve. Where can I go for a hike? Jim, NG Dear Jim – Here’s a range of options, depending on your time and fortitude. They are all within 2 1/2 hours of campus, and all provide…

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