By the Numbers

Trying to quantify the world around us, one week at a time. Most “facts” are true, and some are close enough. You be the judge. 0 Number of “Pocahottie” dresses remaining at iParty on October 15. Store managers remain baffled by the number of men “buying outfits for their girlfriends.” 230%Mountain Dew consumption increase last… Continue reading By the Numbers

The HBS Show – Party with the MBAs

This year’s theme, “The Devil Wears Crimson,” was a theatrical buffet of pop culture, current events, sizzling scandals, HBS life and that most special of romances – section love. An engaging cast of 22 actors was supported by 23 high-energy dancers, 13 band members and a 40-strong crew of writers, producers, choreographers and directors all… Continue reading The HBS Show – Party with the MBAs

Green Is The New Crimson

Recent Green Living Competition Amongst RC Sections Promoting Reusable Containers One look around campus and it is clear that bottled water is in hot supply. Perhaps we missed the fact that the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards for tap water are more stringent than the Food and Drug Administration’s standards for bottled water. Or maybe we… Continue reading Green Is The New Crimson

The "Sec-C-est" Students This Side of Spangler

Dating all the way back to mid-late-2004, the Class of 2006’s Section C has a long and storied history of existence here at HBS. In the many, many months since we first arrived en masse in the dark, decrepit basement of un-renovated Aldrich, Section C, affectionately (and appropriately) known as “Sec-C,” has developed a reputation… Continue reading The "Sec-C-est" Students This Side of Spangler

IM Soccer Kicks Off

NH Trounces NF By Andrew L. Kay (NH) Contributing Writer Marking their presence on campus, NH established itself as a front-runner for the IM soccer title after soundly trouncing NF in Monday’s season opener. By all accounts, the 4-2 final score masks the utter dominance displayed by the victors in every aspect of the match.… Continue reading IM Soccer Kicks Off

Clash of the Titans

History is littered with tales of grudge matches. Mohammed Ali vs Sonny Liston, The Red Sox against the Yankees, Rocky Balboa vs Apollo Creed, The Governor of California against The Predator / T-1000 / Russians / Government (delete as applicable). On Wednesday the closest thing RC soccer had to a grudge match took place, as… Continue reading Clash of the Titans

NC Surge Into the Final

57 days after the start of the season, section NC wrote another chapter in the annals of section soccer by securing their place in the RC final, a last minute Todd Rainville winner denying the brave NJ. Both teams played flowing football in what spectators and players alike are calling the game of the season.… Continue reading NC Surge Into the Final

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NE 0 – 0 NC

In a potential playoff preview, NE battled NC to a scoreless tie. Fresh from their TOM midterm experience, players from both sides were in a “testy” mood. As a result, the pace of the game was slowed by physical play, (not to mention NC’s frequent invoking of the offside call.) Despite all this, both teams… Continue reading NE 0 – 0 NC

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NG Embarrasses NC

General Douglas MacArthur once said, “Upon the fields of friendly strife are sewn the seeds that upon other fields, on other days, shall bear the fruits of victory.” Never was this more evident than on field #1 during Tuesdays match-up between NG and NC. Having been rained out last week, NG was fired up and… Continue reading NG Embarrasses NC

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NC Start Strong

NC 4 – 3 NHNC 4 – 2 NAArgentinian star Rafa Guida Masoni collected a slide rule pass from Aussie Joseph Tesvic on the edge of NH’s area, checked, looked up and unleased a curling left foot shot that shook the back of the net. Five minutes gone and Team C’s season was up and… Continue reading NC Start Strong

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NE defeats NC, 7-1

New E came out of the blocks quickly with a goal by Dan Shapero in the first minute and never looked back en route to a 7-1 victory, their first of the season. On a warm afternoon where conditioning was at premium, Section E seemed to have the extra step. Perhaps Section C was looking… Continue reading NE defeats NC, 7-1

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Men's IM Basketball Final Fours Set

It all comes down to this…The A-League and B-League Men’s IM Basketball playoffs conclude this week in Shad, with play beginning tonight, Monday April 8th. Following are previews of the semifinal action: A-League NI vs. OENI, the #1 seed in the A-League playoff, tips off against tournament Cinderella OE, who, at the #12 seed, represents… Continue reading Men's IM Basketball Final Fours Set

NA Dominates

Perennial IM football powerhouse NA shook off a fluke opening season loss and resumed it’s march to the championship with a come-from-behind victory over an impressive NC team. After driving the length of the field to open the game, NA quarterback Daniel Pullin found offensive all-star Chris “The Velvet Glove” Taylor in the corner of… Continue reading NA Dominates

NC beats NF 6-2

Weeks of playing together paid off on Monday for New Section C with a 6-2 victory over New Section F. Morgan McKenney and Ricardo Caupers scored one goal each and Peter Lee and Ben Schall scored two goals each. Nam Kry and Ben Schall excelled in goalie and excellent performances were also seen from Troy… Continue reading NC beats NF 6-2

Soccer Thriller: NB 3, NC 1

Alex Ferguson has always insisted you need a large dollop of luck to win the Premiership. And, in the land of tractors yesterday, NB got a whole container-load to continue their two-game unbeaten streak. The man NB should thank is the poor old NC goalkeeper, who let a long range cross from Phil Kaufman bounce… Continue reading Soccer Thriller: NB 3, NC 1

And We're Back…

You never really know what people are going to say when you ask them a seemingly innocuous question like, “So, what did you do over Spring Break?” Now, we all know HBS is populated with those Type A personalities who don’t think a trip is worth taking unless at some point, you cheat death. For… Continue reading And We're Back…

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Intraview with Cyrus Hadidi, ND and Amy Reinhard, NC

His Story So, one day it happens. You’re sitting there, pretending to study, and you see the little envelope pop up. You’ve got mail. Of course, you stop all attempts at studying and alt-tab over to Outlook. Job offer? Social invitation? Another duplicative HBS club email? Another duplicative HBS club email? And there it was—an… Continue reading Intraview with Cyrus Hadidi, ND and Amy Reinhard, NC

Showdown at the OK Corral

OK overcame a slow start to beat a good NC team. NC jumped out to an early ten-point lead in the first ten minutes of the game. OK fought back in the last ten minutes of the period to cut the lead to just three (26-23) at the half. OK relied on a strong defense… Continue reading Showdown at the OK Corral

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Trading Places

One of the many features of HBS is your Section and Seat assignment. Fresh from Foundations, first-years flick, fingers fluttering, through reams of smiling facsimile faces of the cohort, looking for the Section and the Seat with which they will forever be associated. Heaving with relief from not being put in the same section as… Continue reading Trading Places

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