Summer Stories-Class of 2009

As I reflect back upon my summer, I’d like to pass along (especially to RCs or others interested in media, entertainment, or sports) some of the things I learned along the way. The internship search can definitely be a time-intensive process. I’ll admit that my search was a little on the unconventional side. Not sure… Continue reading Summer Stories-Class of 2009

NYC Sports Trek 2008

The 2008 NYC Sports Trek kicked off at 8:30am on Monday at the National Football League’s offices in midtown, where students met executives from corporate development, digital media, human resource, and operations. The NFL meeting ended with a tour of headquarters, highlighted by a visit to Commissioner Roger Goodell’s posh office, equipped with its own… Continue reading NYC Sports Trek 2008

NBA Development League President Discusses Careers in Sports and Life in the NBA

On November 7, Dan Reed (HBS ’04), President of the NBA Development League, spoke to HBS students about careers in sports and life in the NBA. While many students consider themselves huge sports fans, HBS has not traditionally been a breeding ground for sports executives. In fact, outside of making fortunes in other industries and… Continue reading NBA Development League President Discusses Careers in Sports and Life in the NBA

NYC Trek 2005: Alums Follow Path from MBA to NBA

Seventy trekkers, 22 companies, 2 days. HBS took Manhattan by storm last week when students looking for those ever-so-elusive “non-traditional” jobs made the annual trip to the Big Apple in search of their dream job. The companies participating in this year’s trek included those from retail, luxury and consumer goods, private equity, venture capital, media… Continue reading NYC Trek 2005: Alums Follow Path from MBA to NBA

Crutches, Sprains and Pulls

“I look around campus and all I see are the maimed and the injured.” (Melissa Studzinski, NE) Call it the Weekend Warrior Effect, Reclaiming Our Lost Youth, or maybe just Denial, but playing sports at HBS can be pretty hazardous. There were 82 reported injuries at Shad between September 2002 and March 2003, from ankle/knee… Continue reading Crutches, Sprains and Pulls

Watching Kobe and Ray Allen

After getting dinged on a final round interview, I decided to sulk by watching the Lakers and Sonics game before coming home on the red eye flight back to the east coast. Here are my thoughts on the game. The Seattle arena announcer calls the newly acquired Ray Allen “Sugar Ray” Allen. I ask the… Continue reading Watching Kobe and Ray Allen

Need a Job? Hope is Out There.

During the interviews, cases and general meet-and-greet of Hell Week, I increasingly found the need to sit back and search for the proverbial silver lining. Luckily, the NBA provided evidence that hope is out there for all of us. If you’re still looking for that perfect job, or if you’re just looking to improve your… Continue reading Need a Job? Hope is Out There.

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Second-Half Preview of the NBA

As we head into the NBA All-Star Break, here is one person’s opinion of what to expect in the second half of the season. (1) The Lebron James Sweepstakes Begins: There’s been much publicity as of late on high-school superstar, Lebron James and the free jerseys he received from a local store in Akron, Ohio.… Continue reading Second-Half Preview of the NBA

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Sports Notes

Referring to Colts QB Payton Manning, Kicker Mike Vanderjagt said “Some guys have it, and some guys don’t.” Interesting thoughts from a kicker that only converted just 23-of-31 field-goal attempts and endured a 3-for-8 slump during mid-season…There have been a lot of great quotes in the NBA this season, but this one takes the cake.… Continue reading Sports Notes


I am an ESPN fiend. I will watch it throughout the weekend. I will watch it while reading a case during the weekdays. I will watch it while eating dinner with friends at a restaurant, by using a quick look-away technique I’ve perfected where I can have a conversation, eat my food, and watch ESPN… Continue reading ESPN (C)

Presenting Your 2002 IM Basketball Champions:

Spring Madness erupted in a double header bonanza Wednesday night at Shad as the seemingly never-ending tough environment continued for the MBA Class of 2002 as both their A-League and B-League teams were boxed out from capturing the 2002 HBS IM Basketball Championship. While in the B-League Championships the HBS Staff team captured their first… Continue reading Presenting Your 2002 IM Basketball Champions:

The Harbus Intraview

Hoop DreamsBy Amanda Renteria (NH) Once upon a time, in a land far far away, where the sun is bright and beautiful (Hollywood Trek), I met a guy named Derek Aframe. Although our encounter was brief, the stars must have been aligned at that very moment, since we later found out that we were meant… Continue reading The Harbus Intraview