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Flag Football: The Playoffs Are On

On a rainy Wednesday afternoon, the first round of the Flag Football playoffs brought both surprise and excitement.ÿ With a backdrop of solid sportsmanship by all, the four games each brought it’s own flavor to the inimitable HBS IM scene.ÿ In the RC bracket, it was a the surprise of the upset.ÿ Two less-heralded teams…


Keeping it Ugly

Re-emerging from the throes of last week’s shock defeat, NA embraced a much-needed victory in game 3 against NB. The first minutes of the game were indeed ugly as the two sides fought it out on a somewhat muddy surface that closely resembled an elephant watering hole in central Mozambique. However the rough terrain seemed…


Intramural Sports

In a few weeks, intramural sports will kick off with football and soccer. So what can we expect? Goals, blood, guts, thunder, fantastic skill and the odd mistake. But, alas, not much sportsmanship. As a serial criminal on the soccer pitch, and sometime offender on the basketball court in Shad, I wouldn’t pretend to be…


NJ Soccer Draws NB 3:3

Wednesday, October 23 Today, NJ played NB. Despite the cold weather and wet pitch, the teams were in top form. The game was tight until the last minute, and the game ended with a draw of 3:3. A draw was enough to ensure NJ the 1st place in its division, allowing it to skip the…


NA Shoots Down NE 6-3

Goose: “What are you doing?”Maverick: “Just wondering, ‘who’s the best?’” -Top Gun After dispatching NB last week, there is no doubt as to the answer. The game against NE got off to a flying start, when Joe ‘low hanging fruit’ Titlow struck a screamer into the bottom corner. This was followed by low exocet from…


NA Beats NB 6 – 5

“Do, or do not. There is no ‘try’.” – Yoda (The Empire Strikes Back)The tiny green Jedi master must have been visiting the IM Soccer fields last Wednesday as NA came back from a 4-1 half-time deficit to destroy NB with 5 second half goals. With pre-game strategy as clear as a TOM write-up, NA…


OB – The Legend Lives On

So much has happened to our section over the summer, besides NB becoming OB. The sexy soccer coach, Mark Crowther, announced that he and his wife Ernestine are expecting their first child. We also faired pretty well in matters of the heart: Jennifer Fung, Jill Botwick, David Thacker, Seth Meisel, and Phil Kerr all got…


Club B Does Vermont

The much-anticipated NB ski trip to Killington was this past weekend and we had an absolutely amazing time. Night One: B Gets BustedDespite the ridiculous traffic from seemingly EVERYONE in Boston going up North for the weekend, we all made it up to Killington on Friday night after a wonderfully short day of classes. We…


Club B in the House

Ok, so I’ll admit it. This is only my second article for the Harbus, and I am already out of ideas for the NB column. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be when I signed up for this job. To be honest with you, not too many notable things happen in…


ND Soccer Stifles NB, 2-1

ALLSTON (ND Press)-Unintimidated by NB’s gaudy shirts proclaiming “Sexy Football,” ND proved that you don’t need a uniform to win, besting their opponents 2-1. After an early goal by NB was allowed by the “honor scoring system,” ND’s defense rendered the opposing offense impotent. Marking opponents were Cameron “All Finance, All the Time” Jones, Kelly…


The Place to B

Welcome to the NB column. Here you will find the inside scoop on Club B (not the official nickname yet, but it will be if I get my way) just as often as I get around to writing it. I’m really excited to be serving as NB Harbus Rep and I hope to make you…


News from the Hive

The Bees had a great start to the year, welcoming the newbies (pun intended) to the Hive during their first week together with some hectic activity in old Aldrich 108. A few minutes before LEAD was over that Friday, Rafa Calderon, dressed in cleaners’ overalls, burst into the room with earphones on and started wiping…


Soccer Thriller: NB 3, NC 1

Alex Ferguson has always insisted you need a large dollop of luck to win the Premiership. And, in the land of tractors yesterday, NB got a whole container-load to continue their two-game unbeaten streak. The man NB should thank is the poor old NC goalkeeper, who let a long range cross from Phil Kaufman bounce…


The Bees Sting

THERE’S no place like a building site for a demolition job. NA was flattened comprehensively by NB amid the cranes and bulldozers of SFP. NB opened their season with a 3-1 victory over their arch rivals.NA had arrived feeling dangerously confident and believing that their section was the first among equals. They left, as usual,…


Beez Face Off

The A-League and B-League teams of NB and OB faced each other in a match-up of class rivalry this past Tuesday. Trash talking was lobbed over the trenches before the start as Beez presidents’ Nick Lane and Tyler Morse bet free drinks for the winners. Heard in the NB locker room before the game, “Who…


B's Prove Older is Better

In the battle of the sections, the Section B elders came away victorious and out scored the youngsters 52 to 27. OB’s relentless full court press and prolific scoring from the outside proved too much for the young Bees to handle. Once again Colin McCafferty led all scorers while Nick Lane was busy on the…


Docs Bring a Game

In a game that went straight to the buzzer, two clutch free throws by Clark Gilbert put the DOCS ahead of NB 47-46 to seal a win. The game was close all the way as NB fought hard with strong boards and accuracy from the field. The DOCS kept it close with pinpoint shooting and…


Beehive Section Love

Competition and Strategy class last Wednesday produced a typical beehive in all its activity. The Atari case had our beloved tech rep Rafa Calderon hooking up his laptop to the projector to run a home video game. Unfortunately, the machine refused to run the outdated graphics. Professor Elon Kohlberg’s patience finally ran out, so he…

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