Section E Goes to Mars

Washington, DC (sometime in the future) – In a whirlwind of fire and smoke, President Phelps Jackson’s pivotal Aerospace Subsidy Program had its first public victory today with the launch of Abdelal I. “Abbie,” as the luxury rocket is known to its Boeing developers, is the world’s first interplanetary transportation system. It’s first destination: Mars.… Continue reading Section E Goes to Mars

NE Kicks on To Semis

Tuesday afternoon, well-rested after a three-day weekend, NE defeated NK 7-2 in the quarterfinals of the soccer playoffs. Fans from both NE and NK lined the pitch on Tuesday to see some magic moments in intramural soccer history. NE pounded the NK defense for the first 10 minutes of the game, unable to penetrate NK’s… Continue reading NE Kicks on To Semis

NE takes one from NF 3-1

The first half was dominated by the dazzling footwork of NF’s Guyan Randall, who scored first after a brilliant rush from midfield. Play was back and forth throughout the half, with NE unable to get anything through the formidable section F defense. However, ten seconds into the second half, Nate Kring of section E, dashing… Continue reading NE takes one from NF 3-1