A Cappella Group Heard On The Street to release new CD "Disruptive Harmonies"

At Harvard Business School, the tradition of men’s a cappella singing dates back to 1947 and the founding of “The Tycoons.” This group of “monetary musicians” brought good cheer to the campus for over 25 years before succumbing to the pressures of the radical 60’s, the corrupt 70’s, and the conspicuous early 80’s. At the… Continue reading A Cappella Group Heard On The Street to release new CD "Disruptive Harmonies"

Film Review: "I am Trying to Break Your Heart"

I am Trying to Break Your HeartDirector: Sam JonesPlaying at: Arlington Regent Theatre The concept of a film about a band is not new. Many bands have released videos or have been considered worthy subjects by filmmakers. Music is an important part of our culture, and its effect on social movements has been captured time… Continue reading Film Review: "I am Trying to Break Your Heart"

An Arts & Entertainment Welcome

Thanks for checking the Arts & Entertainment (A&E) section, a source for all things fun in Boston and beyond. In the coming weeks you’ll find content on books, movies, music, television, food, wine, cheese, beer, and the occasional website review. In particular, the section will feature entertainment opportunities in the broader Boston area, as the… Continue reading An Arts & Entertainment Welcome

Album Review: EchoBrain

Jason Newsted plays bass for new band EchoBrain, but he’s not the reason why you should run, not walk, to buy their self-titled debut album. What holds EchoBrain’s songs together are the vocals and guitar of Dylan Donkin and the drumming of Brian Sagrafena. Musically, the album is a very diverse offering – a breath… Continue reading Album Review: EchoBrain

CD Review:

Three DaysArtist: Pat GreenLabel: Republic/Universal Finding music of significance in today’s tired pop environment is terribly difficult. If sucrose overload is setting in from the musical “stylings” of Britney, Justin, and Christina, you’re probably looking for a new sound that delivers a healthy dose of substance without sacrificing the fun stuff too. Such an artist… Continue reading CD Review:

Angelique Kidjo Delights All at Africa Business Conference Kickoff

Last time I was in Burden, Jeff Skilling was lecturing us about integrity and morality. Angelique Kidjo, performing for the HBS Africa Business Conference last Friday, isn’t like that. She’s short, she’s got a shaven head – dyed peroxide blonde – and she cuts straight to it. “Love is what matters. Love your friends. Love… Continue reading Angelique Kidjo Delights All at Africa Business Conference Kickoff

Virgin Sings New Notes

On Thursday, February 14th I had the privilege of interviewing Virgin Chairman Sir Richard Branson and Glen Ward, President and CEO of Virgin Entertainment Group at the VIP launch party for the opening of the new Virgin Megastore in Boston. Located at the intersection of Newbury Street and Massachusetts Avenue, the store (Virgin’s 22nd in… Continue reading Virgin Sings New Notes

After Napster, What Next for File Sharing Applications?

Some weeks ago I received an email from Peter Platzer (OJ), my Section Tech Rep, warning us that the use of HBS infrastructure to download, distribute or share copyright-protected files represents a Community Standards violation. Peter’s email was a clear invitation to stop using file-sharing applications, such as Napster, which was shut down some months… Continue reading After Napster, What Next for File Sharing Applications?

Dr. Cornel West Speaks My Language

Introducing the hardest-working man on the lecture circuit, Professor Cornel West. A few months ago, in front of a “standing room only crowd” at the JFK School of Public Policy, Professor West delivered his thought-stimulating observations infused with music from his CD entitled Sketches of My Culture. I must admit that I was eagerly anticipating… Continue reading Dr. Cornel West Speaks My Language

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WSA Media Panelists: Industry at a Crossroads

In assigning blame for the media and entertainment industry’s current economic woes, Warner Music CFO Helen Murphy spared no one. She blasted her competitors, the press, her customers- and even her fellow panelists. The upside? “It’s an exciting time to be in media,” she told an audience of job-hungry students at the Dynamic Women in… Continue reading WSA Media Panelists: Industry at a Crossroads

Muddling Through Somehow

The devil’s always in the details. Never more evident was this than when I heard a December 21st report on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition about a new release of the Christmas classic, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, which was first written for Judy Garland who starred in the 1944 MGM Musical movie Meet… Continue reading Muddling Through Somehow

Landing That Dream Job in Entertainment/Media

Elevator Pitch (aka. Why media/entertainment?)You need to know exactly why you want to work in this business. You need to be passionate about the biz and/or about the product, otherwise you will not differentiate yourself. And if you don’t differentiate yourself, you will struggle to get that dream job. So you have to do a… Continue reading Landing That Dream Job in Entertainment/Media

Penn Masala dazzles South Asians at Tufts

Penn Masala, the well known Hindi a cappella group performed in Boston at Tufts University on the 5th and 6th of October, at an event organized by TASA, the university’s South Asian students’ association. The group was formed in 1996 by south Asian students in the University of Pennsylvania. Since then the composition of the… Continue reading Penn Masala dazzles South Asians at Tufts

Ask the Local

Here’s the deal – I’m getting sick and tired of hearing people complain that the Crimson Grille is gone. Actually, I don’t think anyone is complaining, but it did spur a thought. I aim to provide the HBS community with a broader range of options in all things, and that includes drinking (also known at… Continue reading Ask the Local

Fall Adventures

In an attempt to take advantage of the great fall weather before the long Boston winter hits us again, the Outdoors Club has been welcoming the Class of 2003 with a range of activities. Sunday 23rd September saw a group of 55 climbing Mt Washington – the highest mountain in the northeast (6288 feet). The… Continue reading Fall Adventures

A Trout of Note

This lovely recording of one of the most popular chamber pieces in the classical repertoire-Schubert’s beloved youthful masterpiece, “The Trout”-deserves pride of place in anyone’s CD collection. Classical music’s own rock stars Ma and Ax team up with violinist Pamela Frank, bassist Edgar Meyer and Rebecca Young on viola to deliver a performance so sprightly,… Continue reading A Trout of Note

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Dean Clark Gets Chocolatey

Though he may be clean as an Aldrich blackboard before class, Dean Kim Clark is not above feeding at least one addiction: chocoholism.A Chocolate Confection Contest will be the big addition to this year’s 6th Annual Fall Community Party hosted by Dean Clark on Saturday. Prizes will be awarded for best presentation, most chocolatey, most… Continue reading Dean Clark Gets Chocolatey

Cohort Dresses Up for Newport Ball

Tuxedos and sequined evening gowns were de rigueur as approximately 400 Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan-wannabes descended on Newport, RI for the January cohort’s final Newport Ball. The event, held in Mrs. Astor’s Beechwood Estate on the edge of Narragansett Bay, was sponsored by the Student Association and planned by Katherine Liu, NH and Christina… Continue reading Cohort Dresses Up for Newport Ball

Dominican Republic

Scott and Beth Johnson organized an all-inclusive trip for nearly 40 couples (plus Johnny) to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We played golf, drank, laid on the beach, drank, played beach volleyball, drank, sailed, drank, gambled, drank, fished (actually, bobbed on a boat for four hours and did nothing), drank, went SCUBA diving and snorkeling, drank,… Continue reading Dominican Republic

The Harbus Intraview

Greetings from HDSby Zachary Drennen, HDS Harvard Divinity School students don’t often mix with Biz School students-no one likes seeing Capitalism and Organized Religion in close proximity. Nonetheless, the Capulets and the Montagues united, if for one brief moment, over Easter Sunday (fitting?) in yet another episode of Uncle Jordy’s homespun Intraviews. I had such… Continue reading The Harbus Intraview

Beautiful, Interrupted

Sarah Brightman’s performance at the Fleet Center was phenomenal. The audience was swept away by her daring costumes, fantastic lighting effects, and of course her voice which was exquisite and moved through you in a beautiful way. One of her opening pieces, “La Lune/Winter in July,” was opera with hints of techno music throughout and… Continue reading Beautiful, Interrupted

Post Race Pit Stop

Uncle Jordy: Robin, you grew up in West Virginia. Drag racing and NASCAR were all over there, weren’t they? What kind of car did you drive in to your senior prom? Robin King: Sure, West Virginians love car races. I personally don’t even know what drag racing is. As for my prom, my date bragged… Continue reading Post Race Pit Stop

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Mishka, a Dredlocked Master of Chill Out

Bermuda-born Mishka sings gracefully and assuredly with oceanic lyrics and rhythm. Living on a sailboat with his parents from age three onward, Mishka’s early musical memory consists of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, blues, and soul. In lieu of television and video games, the now 26 year old appreciated cursory companionship with dolphins and whales that… Continue reading Mishka, a Dredlocked Master of Chill Out


Nobody quite knew what to expect on the outing to an R-rated hypnotist,but what ever it was, we got more than we bargained for. A potent mix of schadenfreude and voyeurism drew us, and a sell-out crowd to the Comedy Club in Faneuil Hall, Boston, and our eyes were opened.Going to a hypnotist is for… Continue reading Hypno-tease