The Harbus Foundation Celebrates Area Grant Recipients

The dust of another Harbus Foundation grant-making process settles this week with the annual Grantee Celebration held on campus. The event gathers together Harbus Foundation team members and community stakeholders to hear each organization describe its mission and celebrate their receipt of grant funds to further that mission. “It’s a time to come together to… Continue reading The Harbus Foundation Celebrates Area Grant Recipients

Back to School Party: Class is in Session at Mantra

Like Wayne Gretzky on a loose puck, HBS students were all over the Canadian Club’s “Back to School” party at Mantra last week.ÿ Given all the long weekends and traveling that many of the 2nd years seem to be doing this term, there was a lot of enthusiasm and energy about getting everyone (both years)… Continue reading Back to School Party: Class is in Session at Mantra

O Romeo, Romeo:

The Capulets and Montagues have taken on the streets of Cambridge to play for us, once again, the most famous love story of all time. Indeed, the American Repertory Theatre on Brattle Street is proposing a fascinating and intriguing version of “Romeo and Juliet” through March 25. In this modern adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic,… Continue reading O Romeo, Romeo:

Sundance: Films Critiqued by a Non-Critic

World PremiereWho Killed the Electric Car?U.S., 2005, 90 minutes, colorDirector: Chris PaineScreenwriter: Chris Paine Executive Producers: Dean Devlin, Richard D. Titus, Tavin Marin Titus Producer: Jessie Deeter Co-producer: Kathy Weiss Associate Producers: Natalie Artin, Jeff Steele Cinematographer: Thaddeus Wadleigh Editor: Michael Kovlenko Executive producer Richard Titus tells the Harbus, “This is a film about global… Continue reading Sundance: Films Critiqued by a Non-Critic

Discovering Wine in SFP

It was a normal Tuesday evening, except for the fact that eight HBS women had somehow either finished their cases or agreed to write them off, skipped their recruiting events, decided to ignore their group projects and head over to 1 Soldiers Field Park for a wine-tasting party. The idea of a wine-tasting party was… Continue reading Discovering Wine in SFP

Tech Corner: Oakley THUMP 2

This month, Oakley is releasing the THUMP 2, an improvement on their innovative Thump sunglasses with built-in digital music player. While not an all-purpose replacement for more traditional MP3 players, the THUMP 2 is great for when you’re already wearing sunglasses and want to be listening to music. Available with up to 1.0 GB of… Continue reading Tech Corner: Oakley THUMP 2

A Masterpiece in the Making

HBS families always have much to celebrate, but the annual Fall Community Party sponsored by the Dean’s Office is one event where good times come in bunches. The Party, which took place on Saturday, September 10, included music, food, games, and entertainment for families with kids of all ages. Here, several HBS children concentrate as… Continue reading A Masterpiece in the Making

HBS Social Season Kicks into High Gear

Many seasons are about to begin. If you have perused, you cannot avoid noticing all the American football previews for the college and pro teams. Or if you have had a moment to breathe between Crimson Greetings/classes/add-dropping, you’ve flipped on the television to find brand new episodes of your favorite shows (like Thursday’s OC… Continue reading HBS Social Season Kicks into High Gear

Hip Hop and an MBA Opportunity

Dear Editor,I am an independent documentary filmmaker looking for an MBA student from Harvard who’s interested in getting involved in the Entertainment Industry through my film company Film Fatale. The reason that I decided to write to you all is because the true story of my current film Player Hating: A Love Story, is so… Continue reading Hip Hop and an MBA Opportunity

The Boston Symphony Orchestra: A Review

The Boston Symphony Orchestra, an institution dating back to 1881, offers weekly concerts honoring a variety of composers and the music that makes them so famous. For example, the list of March performances includes works of Beethoven, Brahms, Stravinsky, Mozart, and Gershwin. As an avid classical music fan and regular symphony supporter, I was excited… Continue reading The Boston Symphony Orchestra: A Review

Film Review: Ray

Although significant and unique in each one’s own right, not every individual can be considered a legend. Legendary people are known to grip adoring mass attention; they just seem to have…something. In the world of music, legends have been known, amongst other things, to have that ability to appeal to a crowd and still touch… Continue reading Film Review: Ray

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Lunar New Year

“Happy New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi! Xin Nian Hao! Sae-Hae Bok-Maa-ni Ba-Du-Sae-Yo!” Everyone greeted each other in different Asian languages at the Lunar New Year’s Celebration last Tuesday (February 22nd). It was the first time that the Asia Business Club (ABC) and the Asian American Business Association (AABA) joined together to share many of… Continue reading Lunar New Year

Concert Review: Mieka Pauley

It wasn’t only due to the running water in Club Passim and lack of the same in my apartment last Wednesday night that made me anxious to get out and see folk singer/songwriter Mieka Pauley. No, Pauley had b-u-z-z buzz and I was curious to find out if this was the genuine article or if… Continue reading Concert Review: Mieka Pauley

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Christmas Shopping: Joys, Hazards, and Helpful Tips

Christmas shopping: to some it’s a scary phrase evoking images of mad last-minute shoppers, gift-giving disasters, and a rapidly decreasing net worth with every chime of the cash register. “This should be fun” some muse as they elbow an out-of-state soccer mom for that last cheesy pre-wrapped snow globe. After all, what’s better than buying… Continue reading Christmas Shopping: Joys, Hazards, and Helpful Tips

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A Piece of Cake

Upon first stepping into the Orpheum Theatre (located near the Boston Common across from the Park Street Church), I immediately knew that this would be unlike any concert I had previously attended. First off, the theatre itself has the look and feel of a, uh, well, an old theatre. I wasn’t sure if I was… Continue reading A Piece of Cake

Seven Rules of Discovery: Talking with Billy Campbell, President, Discovery Networks

“I love beach music, bass fishing and Bo-Jangles fried chicken…and I love my job”. Southern charm and warm weather breezed into campus last Thursday, September 23rd, with the arrival of Billy Campbell, President of Discovery Networks and guest of the HBS Entertainment & Media Club. As part of the club’s keynote lecture series, Billy Campbell… Continue reading Seven Rules of Discovery: Talking with Billy Campbell, President, Discovery Networks

Harbus Reviews:

I was excited last week. No wait, that is a horrendous understatement. I was extatic last week. A small child on Christmas Eve wasn’t half as excited as I was. The fat kid who’s just won a lifetime supply of chocolate cake had nothing on me. The excitement felt by a die hard Red Sox… Continue reading Harbus Reviews:

Behind the Glamour

The lights dim and the chatter of fashion industry insiders, celebrities, and socialites are replaced by the thumping sound of dance music. All eyes are focused on the peninsula shaped runway that juts out in the sea of well dressed people. Photographers, armed with Nikon cameras, jostle for position. As the beat of the music… Continue reading Behind the Glamour

Listings Feature: Concerts

Each week we’ll be featuring the latest information on shows, clubs, art, theatre, movies and music. This week: live music takes its turn in the spotlight.There is a ton of great music and musicians arriving in Boston over the coming months – from up and coming stars such as Jamie Cullum, Snow Patrol, Keane, Muse… Continue reading Listings Feature: Concerts

A&E: A Minute With

As President of Fuse, Marc Juris oversees the first viewer-driven, all-music television network. Assuming leadership in January 2002, Juris manages all network strategy and operations, including the re-branding as Fuse (from Muchmusic USA) in May 2003. Prior to taking the helm of Fuse, Juris was executive vice president and GM of the AMC (American Movie… Continue reading A&E: A Minute With

HBS Rocks

The Acoustic Lounge includes five members of the HBS Class of 2004: Paul Boruta (OA – rhythm guitar, bass, vocals), Dan Edwards (OG – piano, vocals), Ranwa Sarkis (OJ – vocals), Omer Tore (OD – percussion, bass, guitar) and Jordan Burton (OJ – lead guitar). The band recently played a CD release party in Burden… Continue reading HBS Rocks

The Greatest Music of All Time

The title of this article may be very pretentious. However, what is implied by the title is a matter of taste, obviously, my taste. Building a classical music library requires raising the issue of greatness as a matter of budget constrains and at some stage, even space constrains. In my next article, I’d suggest my… Continue reading The Greatest Music of All Time

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"The Only Person Who Went to Business School to Become a Poet":

Dana Gioia, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, spoke to an audience at Radcliffe Yard last month. Nominated by President George W. Bush in January 2003 and unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Dana Gioia began his term as the ninth Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts in February 2003. Besides… Continue reading "The Only Person Who Went to Business School to Become a Poet":

Music Piracy: Interview from the Front Line

In this week’s A&E section we take a look at the problem of online music piracy, its effects on consumer behavior, and one company’s response to its devastating impact. Elaine Chang is a Harvard Business School RC student who spent her last three years working for Universal Music Group’s Global e division and its joint… Continue reading Music Piracy: Interview from the Front Line