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Sound Society Hosts Global DJ Duo The Chainsmokers To Discuss The Business of Music
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Sound Society Hosts Global DJ Duo The Chainsmokers To Discuss The Business of Music

  By Jeff Zeller (EC), Founder of the HBS Sound Society There are consistent elements that set up a company for success: an addressable market, effective communication with customers, capital, differentiation, and a strong support team.  It’s no different with musicians, and DJ duo The Chainsmokers was at Harvard Business School on Monday to discuss…


Spring Music Preview: Indie Rock Favorites Return

Spring is a time of rebirth (side note: can we please start calling the second semester of the school year here the “Spring” semester rather than “Winter”? Spring: Rebirth :: Winter: Death). The days grow longer. The temperature warms up. Seasonal affected depression rates go down. There’s a lot happening. Among these many goings-on in…

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The Killers Go Big & Go Bruce on Battle Born

I’d love to be a fly on the wall when The Killers first start discussing a new album. Imagine the tension in the room as Ronnie Vannucci, Dave Keuning, and Mark Stoermer wait for lead singer and principle songwriter Brandon Flowers to arrive! “What do you think it’ll be this time,” one must ask the…


School Year In Review: A Look Back on The Top Club Hits

1)     “LE7ELS” by Avicii Oh, sometimes I get a good feeling. I get a feeling that Avicii’s monster hit, “LE7ELS”, is absolutely the club song of the year. It’s been sampled, mashed up, recut and replayed with several major artists ranging from David Guetta to Flo Rida. LE7ELS even appeared in the Bud Light Platinum…


Harbus Mixtape: December 2011 Concert Series

 Newsflash: Most bands aren’t super psyched about touring in Boston when it’s cold and when students, for the most part, aren’t around. There are still, however, a couple of acts coming through town in early December that are worth seeing – give yourself a break from exams and papers and check them out! Wed, Dec….


Can’t Afford the Big Game? ScoreBig was Made for You

In a world with too many fees and not enough trust, ScoreBig offers a welcomed reprieve.  The website allows the casual fan to pay deep discount prices for sporting or event tickets, but also alleviates the concerns of unfairness to season ticket holders or other individuals who paid face value for similar tickets. Adam Kanner…


Harbus Mixtape: November 2011 Concert Series

This month’s mixtape spans the genre gamut from electrofunk to alt-country to trip-hop and includes representation from exotic international locales such as Canada, the UK, Australia, and France (okay, I guess they’re not that exotic). Anyway, we’ve got another phenomenal month of concerts here in Boston with enough variety to please almost every musical taste…


Harbus Mixtape: October 2011 Concert Series

Welcome back to another edition of the Harbus Mixtape. This coming month has a whole new batch of great concerts, and from the looks of it, I’m going to be spending almost as much time at the Paradise Rock Club in October as I will be in Aldrich. Check out  //bit.ly/HarbusMixtapeOct  to listen to curated mixtape…


Harbus Mixtape: September 2011 Concert Series

  Ah, September. With the end of summer comes the beginning of school, with the beginning of school comes the flood of students, and with the flood of students comes the throng of bands hoping to capture the ticket, t-shirt, and ‘Gansett revenues that a trip to Beantown promises. A number of fantastic artists are…


HBS Rock Band in Hostile Takeover

“Last weekend saw the official debut of the biggest and baddest rock band to come out of HBS – Hostile Takeover. The band played a 2-hour gig at a sold-out Tommy Doyle’s, and covered a range of songs from artists such as The Killers, Bruce Springsteen and Guns N’ Roses. The view from the audience…


What’s Enough, Part II

Often when people from outside our community think of Harvard Business School students, certain stereotypes come to mind. We are workaholics. We are arrogant, long on form, and short on function. We care more about personal achievement, money, power and status than just about anything else. Do these stereotypes reflect our true nature? We were…


Valentine’s Day 2010: It’s Complicated

View A Highly Situational Culinary Survival Guide in a larger map If I learned anything from a certain geriatric rom-com over winter break, it’s that relationships start complicated and only get more so with age. Until you’re sexting your ex (-wife!), you’ve got nothing on Alec and Meryl, but choosing where to make dinner reservations…



On October 28, Sony Pictures released the much-anticipated movie “Michael Jackson’s This Is It.” The movie was conceived after the worldwide outpouring of grief following the mega-superstar’s death on June 25. In the months prior, Michael Jackson was rehearsing for what would have been a comeback to the stage after more than a decade away…


Rugby Player Profile

Name:James or Jimmy, your choice, but the last name is pronounced like “Jun.” Title: Co-Captain and Co-President. Size: I was once 5’2 and 220 lbs. Ask me about it. Position:Hooker-stroke-scrumhalf. Likes:Dartmouth pong. I’m also really good at Rock Band.like it’s all I’ve thought about since I don’t play real music anymore. Dislikes:The HBS turkey. It…


Live the Dream

BRAD! ANGELINA! When most people think of media & entertainment, they think of celebrities. But movies, television, and music mean so much more to our world. Entertainment has the power to shape culture and spread information. Entertainment reflects who we are and what we value. Most importantly for HBS grads, entertainment is one of the…


Valentines Classifieds

To: a_viking Twilight is coming; soon we won’t be able to see each other anymore. The gloaming is fading from uncertain red, to bruised purple, to black. From a_pirate To: FLi Love is sweet. Love is precious. Love is forever. Love needs courage. You have to truly believe in love in order to make it!…


Regional Profiles – South – Texas – A Whole Other Country

Home of the Dallas Cowboys, Big Oil, and the Bushes, the state of Texas may be the perfect example of the distinction between famous and popular. An immense level of pride emanates from our friends and colleagues from The Lone Star State. However, from the ski slopes of Colorado, to the train stations of Europe,…


Regional Profiles – South – A Closer Look at Atlanta, Georgia

Cost of LivingCompared to other cities of its size and stature, Atlanta is cheap. For example: Two roommates and I shared a 2,000sq-ft multi-level loft for just $1,400 a month (that’s $0.70/sq-ft compared to the $3.75/sq-ft I pay for a One Western Avenue apartment) History/CultureMuch of Atlanta’s history is tied to the Civil War and…


Wind Down with the Sounds of Samantha

Couple the beats of jazzy drums and a staccato piano with the vulnerable yet forceful voice of Samantha Mollen, and you get a sound that will relax you beyond belief. Often compared to Portishead, Fiona Apple and Tori Amos, Mollen, a petite blonde hailing from Los Angeles, churns out lyrics and melodies that are the…


Check This Out…

Itching to get out of Cambridge?www.lonelyplanet.com For all you bargain hunters.www.retailmenot.com If your true calling is to be a gourmet chef.www.epicurious.com Sick of reading cases? www.whatshouldireadnext.come Too cold outside to walk to the library?www.bartleby.com Better than having a personal assistant.a personalized music station just for you.www.musicovery.com Things you probably won’t learn at HBS but may…


The Business Behind the Marriage of Music and Film

What is a kiss without violins serenading in the background of a film? What is a Lord of the Rings war scene without a Wagnerian symphony? It is music that sets the dramatic tone of a film, helping to establish moods and intensify feelings. Additionally, it is music that emotionally bridges scenes together and disguises…


Boston Nightlife

You glance at your cell phone – sorry, Blackberry – darn it! it’s only been two minutes since last you checked. You’re impatient, but unsure of why. It’s not like you have another place to go even if you could muster up a believable excuse to ditch section drinks early. It’s Boston, and, based on…


SEC Sponsored Music Concert Promises More Than Entertainment

The Harvard Square Homeless Shelter Benefit Concert is not just about great music, but also about reaching out to our community. What do you get when you combine incredible talent, initiative and the urge to contribute to the larger community in every way possible? A benefit concert organized by enterprising HBS students who will be…


Who Has Time for Classical Music?

Who can possibly find time to attend a three-hour classical music performance when there are urgent e-mails to reply to, dense case studies to read, and company presentations to attend? HBS students should make the extra effort; a classical music concert has the potential to influence and change one’s world view. How can the businessman…


Cassandra Wilson Jazzes It Up

Last Saturday, Cassandra Wilson performed old favorites as well as songs from her newest album, Thunderbird, at the Berklee Performance Center. A perennial critics’ favorite, Wilson has been featured in Ken Burns’ PBS series “Jazz” as one of the most promising artists of her generation. But perhaps her most impressive accolade has been from Time…


The Download – News, Reviews & Q's

Laptop Computer Purchase – Check!Secure Your Laptop – Check!Software Installation – Check!Personal Technology – Ummmm. If technology isn’t your thing, this column is for you. It is written to give the tech-challenged a foothold in what is new and hot. If technology is your thing, consider the column an invitation to participate and share your…


First-Annual HBS Classical Performance Draws Full Crowd

The Art Appreciation Society presented its first-ever HBS Classical Performance Show Thursday, April 6. Organized by AAS Chairs Vani Krishnamurthy (NB) and Mark Oshida (NB), the event took place at the HBS Chapel and drew a crowd of about 60 people. Audience members cheered on the five acts, which began with Oshida on violin, accompanied…

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