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In this space, I shall present a quick guide to a different country every other week. If you would like to share your culture with us or send us feedback, please write to me at smitapkothari@gmail.com. Namaste (greetings from India!) When we join our palms facing each other at chest level we offer our reverence…


2009 India IXP

Forty-two HBS students decided to spend their spring break on the India Immersion eXPerience, a trip that proved to be one of the most amazing learning experiences of their MBA curriculum. Led by faculty professors Shawn Cole and Aldo Musacchio, the IXP clearly surpassed all expectations providing exposure to many diverse aspects of the Indian…


Are You on Twitter Yet?

“I have found it to serve so many functions at once: a way to get news, connect with friends, meet new people, and learn, all while fitting snugly into the Blackberry Bold attached to my hip,” says David Levine (OJ). The service gained notoriety for breaking news of the Mumbai attacks last November and the…


Incredible India!

Sixty-three Harvard Business School students flew half way around the world to join the South Asian Business Association (SABA) trek beginning in Delhi, India and traveling through six different provinces and stopping in 10 villages/cities. The 13 jam-packed days from December 27, 2008 to January 10, 2009 will prove to be some of the most…


Year End Tragedies-Where does Mumbai go from here?

It was a brazen attack the city of Mumbai had never witnessed the likes of. On the evening of November 26, young gunmen opened indiscriminate fire on crowds in various places including a fancy café, a hospital, the train station, a Jewish centre and two luxury hotels. Hostages were taken. Hundreds were killed. Many more…


India Unbound: A Perspective

After the extensive coverage of South-East Asia in the previous edition of The Harbus, I figured I’d push my luck with yet another article on India. Not quite a conference coverage article, not exactly reminiscences about a trek, but probably somewhere in between. (With due apologies to Gurcharan Das, author of “India Unbound”, a book…


India Trek Awes and Enlightens

As an itinerant cattle rancher from Colorado who went to college in LA, traveled extensively in Europe, spent four years in San Francisco and eighteen months at HBS I feel like I’ve seen a few things. Like me, many of us arrive at HBS secured by our accomplishments, believing that we are wiser, worldlier and…

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