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Where in the World did you Spend your Summer–Daven Johnson (OA)

What: MTV Networks and The Film Department Where: NY and LA What did you do this summer?I split my summer between two different media companies. I worked for MTV in NY and a film production company, The Film Department, in LA. At MTV I interned in the International Networks Strategy group, which is an internal…


A&E: A Minute With

As President of Fuse, Marc Juris oversees the first viewer-driven, all-music television network. Assuming leadership in January 2002, Juris manages all network strategy and operations, including the re-branding as Fuse (from Muchmusic USA) in May 2003. Prior to taking the helm of Fuse, Juris was executive vice president and GM of the AMC (American Movie…


American Society

We were normal. Our cartoons didn’t cry like the characters in Pokemon, they shot red and blue lasers and landed ten point somersaults out of falling airplanes and had poorly written dialogue. Tickle me Elmo? Psst. We had transformers. We are the old school that they refer to now. We, the children of the 80’s,…


HBS Goes to Hollywood

Film or TV? Music or New Media? Strategic Planning or Creative? These were just some of the questions that 75 HBS students pondered at Hollywood Trek 2002, sponsored by the Entertainment and Media Club on January 6-9. Whether pursuing general industry knowledge or a summer or full-time position, each student was exposed to leading companies…


They Said What?

For the fourth edition of They Said What? we have a better mix of humorous anecdotes heard around HBS this past week. We will continue to search for the most entertaining comments and would like to highly encourage all students to keep their ears open. Anyone who catches a comment that they would like to…

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