The Choice for a New Generation?

Last week’s curious intersection of the first presidential debate and the Mountain Dew case (RC-MKT) got me thinking. More specifically, is there a similarity between the obscene amount of Kerry/Bush ad spending and the Pepsi/Coke market share catfight? Through the debates, both candidates are attempting to differentiate themselves despite the near-indecipherability of many of their… Continue reading The Choice for a New Generation?

All Those in Favor

81, 80, 79, 78…Ready to go!The section with a “cool” legacy is creating one of its own. An insider suggests that AuntieGoldie has more requests for “some time” with Section I men than any other. Peruvian rugby star Jorge O’Hara describes the soccer and football teams as perhaps the best HBS has ever had. The… Continue reading All Those in Favor