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Global Impact Experience

Three Harvard Business School students participated in a volunteer consulting project in Jordan over January term to promote environmentally sustainable building practices. The project was sponsored by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Global Impact Experience (GIX) program, a new program at HBS that gives students the opportunity to work for an…


Immersion Experience – USAID: Morocco Trip

Five HBS students volunteered for two weeks over winter break to consult for the U.S. Agency for International Development in Morocco. Their project was to advise USAID on what policies the Moroccan government could adopt to encourage private sector development of domestic wind energy in a country that imports 93% of its electricity generation resources….


The 22,800 Foot View: HBS Students Summit Aconcagua

It was not much of a surprise that after a 24-hour journey and three connections, we were missing a backpack full of climbing gear when we finally arrived in Argentina. Our questions came quick and loud, leaving little time for the airline staff to catch their breaths. “Where is the luggage?” we asked. “Why can…


Dinner with the Prince

So here is why I love Harvard. Last Monday I was scheduled to have afternoon coffee with a 28-year veteran of the U.S. Congress. At very few other places would I have the opportunity to casually mention to a retired congressman after class that I would love to chat with him and would next Monday…


Restaurant Review:

Imagine you’re sitting on a low lying sofa lounge, listening to Arabic music, and smelling the aromas of a slow-cooking tagine (a type of curry). The burgundy walls exude warmth and richness, while the hookahs, brass lamps, and beautiful paintings of Berber tribesmen evoke the experience of being in Morocco. Welcome to Tangierino’s, the first…

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