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Where in the World did you Spend your Summer–Veena Ramaswamy (OJ)

What: US Treasury Department Where: Washington DC What did you do this summer?I was working at the US Treasury Department for the Assistant Secretary of Financial Markets. What was your background prior to HBS? I was investment banking at Morgan Stanley, focusing on debt financings for US infrastructure projects. Why did you choose to spend…


Kwama Sutra – Courting

This column is co-written with my esteemed colleague and sectionmate Renny McPherson. After a turbulent Hell Week, we both began to see clear connections between the job search and finding a mate at HBS. “If she hasn’t called me back by 8 p.m., is that a bad thing?” Beginning after President’s Day, 950 Harvard Business…


Teaching Women to Manage Money

Alexa von Tobel, founder and CEO of LearnVest, recently left Harvard Business School in her RC year to run LearnVest full-time. LearnVest is envisioned to be the trusted liaison between young women and the world of personal finance, providing interactive, educational content in a clear and approachable manner for women ages 18-40. I had the…


RC Partners Get a Dose of the Case Method

Tom DeLong, former Morgan Stanley executive and HBS professor extraordinaire led the class in exploring the Cirque du Soleil case, typically taught in the EC class, Managing Human Capital. Having received the case beforehand, RC partners got the whole classroom experience, complete with cold calls and messy notes jotted all over the chalkboard. Of this…


Zoe Cruz Delivers Remarks at Alma Mater: Discusses Success, Adversity and Change at Morgan Stanley

Equipped with the disarming candor that has earned her the distinction of “Cruz Missile” among contemporaries, Morgan Stanley’s Acting President, Zoe Cruz (MBA ’82), had several pieces of wisdom to share with those contemplating their own forays into financial services as recruiting season officially kicks off. What you’re learning in LEAD matters, having fun in…


Energizing On Campus

On the last weekend of September, companies and students gathered in Spangler for the second annual HBS Energy Symposium. Present were twenty-five companies that represented the entire energy industry from drillers and exploration and production companies to utilities and alternative energy to consultants and investment banks. In addition to several of the big players such…


That Guy Offers Networking Tips for Your Summer Job Search

Like many of you, That Guy has given up on the traditional process of getting jobs (namely, researching promising companies and arranging interviews to discuss possible employment opportunities). It appears that the criteria for getting an interview have changed somewhat since the economic downturn of the new millennium. Allow That Guy to demonstrate the differences:…


Leadership in a Crisis: How One Firm Survived

The HBS case study curriculum stresses that it challenges its students with real world situations every day. On December 5, the HBS community had the opportunity to hear from an individual who has just faced one of the most extraordinary situations ever to befall world business. The events of September 11. Bob Scott, the President…


Street Insiders Commune On Vault.com

Calling themselves “shaken and saddened,” the folks at that MBA web Mecca, Vault.com, endured a trying day and maintained their message boards as a forum for Wall Street insiders to share information and vent their feelings. Some of the messages posted on the investment banking, Morgan Stanley, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Accenture boards following the World Trade…


Recruiter Newsflash

Manufacturers Alcoa Inc. (AA) signed a 10-year, $300 million contract with Honeywell International Inc. (HON) to develop a program designed to boost productivity and reduce costs at seven Alcoa alumina-refining facilities. In a press release Monday, Alcoa said the Honeywell Industrial Control ManageAbility agreement will help improve process control and standardization of both equipment and…

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