Are Markets Our God?

“The Market as God” was one of the most provocative topics of discussion during the Mobius Forum. As Zibby pointed out last week, Harvey Cox, professor at the Harvard Divinity School, demonstrated how the western cultures attribute God-like qualities to the Market. We all smile complacently at the Saudi’s spending 1/3 of their primary curriculum… Continue reading Are Markets Our God?

Deepak Chopra on "The Soul of Leadership"

On Friday, as the keynote speaker for the Mobius Forum, Deepak Chopra spoke to a crowded Spangler Auditorium on the subject of “The Soul of Leadership.” Chopra, a world-renowned author on the subject of spiritualism who often relates principles of quantum physics to Eastern philosophy, told the crowd that “a leader is the symbolic soul… Continue reading Deepak Chopra on "The Soul of Leadership"

Editorial: Lofty Aims, Low-Brow Tactics

It seems most HBS students shared a moment on March 6 when they saw in their HBS Inbox a message from Tony Deifell (OK) titled “FYI…” that read, “Hi , I thought you’d be interested in checking this out…” And then most of us thought, “Do I know this person? How does Tony know me… Continue reading Editorial: Lofty Aims, Low-Brow Tactics