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The Global Impact of Islamic Finance

“This is a historical event. We haven’t ever had any events about Islamic Finance at HBS that I am aware of,” said Samuel L. Hayes III (HBS, ’61), Jacob Schiff Professor Emeritus. Hayes was a principal contributor to the Harvard Islamic Investment Study and the author of seven books, including Islamic Law and Finance. Hayes,…


Case 5: Dating Cultural Gaps

As the author of this column and the “love rep” of my section, I engage in lots of conversations about love, dating, and relationships. (some people call the activity simply “gossiping.”) In one conversation with various international students, we discussed about different cultural norms and patterns in the practice of dating in different countries. A…


Restaurant Review: Oleana

Oleana, a clever name for this terrific little restaurant, is surrounded with walls as blue as the Mediterranean and offers Middle Eastern dishes done with a decidedly Turkish spin. Named after its owner, Oleana means “hidden paradise” in Norwegian, and that is exactly what you will find here. Expect simple char-grilled meats and savory rice…


Response to John Shepard's Article

To the Editor:I wanted to express my support to The Harbus for printing John Shepherd’s article on the Middle Eastern situation and Ariel Sharon. I find it healthy that The Harbus is filling its role as a platform for HBSers to express themselves and inform their fellow students about issues that are rarely outlined by…


HBS Community Joins Its Muslim Students For a Ramadan Iftar

On Tuesday December 4th at sundown, 80 students gathered in the Meredith Room in Spangler for an Iftar-the meal that marks the end of a day of fasting. Organized by the Middle East and North Africa Club (MENA), the Iftar was designed to educate the HBS community about the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and…

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