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Error Results in Seating Card that Reads “Iqbal ‘Iqbal’ Iqbal” (Aldrich 509) RC student Iqbal Iqbal has only himself to blame for his seating card that reads “Iqbal ‘Iqbal’ Iqbal.” “I guess I didn’t fully understand what the school was asking for when it wanted to know my ‘Preferred Nickname,’” lamented Iqbal. “I just thought… Continue reading News In Brief:

Quiz: How Well Do You Know HBS?

1. Which of the following really exists? A. Baker LibraryB. Professor Michael PorterC. Gainful employmentD. Santa ClausE. Tooth fairy 2. What is the name of the new building on campus? A. St. Mary’s Hall of the Immaculate LandscapingB. Baker LibraryC. Case Protagonist Webcasting Center (CPWC)D. Hawes HallE. I don’t know, but the brick doesn’t match… Continue reading Quiz: How Well Do You Know HBS?

President of Nicaragua Makes Personal Visit To Campus

The Nicaraguan President, Enrique Bola¤os Geyer, made a brief personal visit to the HBS campus on Tuesday morning last, April 2nd. The President attended a class given by University Professor, Michael Porter. Afterwards, President Bola¤os also visited MIT.

Leading HBS Thinkers to Speak This Week

Did you ever think you would graduate without hearing the insights of some of the most innovative HBS professors? Think you would only learn Michael Porter’s ideas on strategy by reading Harvard Business Review or develop an understanding of disruptive technologies by reading Clay Christensen’s book, The Innovator’s Dilemma? Well, thanks to David Margalit (OB),… Continue reading Leading HBS Thinkers to Speak This Week