On October 28, Sony Pictures released the much-anticipated movie “Michael Jackson’s This Is It.” The movie was conceived after the worldwide outpouring of grief following the mega-superstar’s death on June 25. In the months prior, Michael Jackson was rehearsing for what would have been a comeback to the stage after more than a decade away… Continue reading THIS IS IT

Michael Jackson:

Michael Jackson’s recent interview with Martin Bashir, the enterprising British journalist with questionable ethics, has understandably set off a media maelstrom both in the US and around the world. Jackson, already the media’s poster child for eccentricity and favorite celebrity punching bag, raised new doubts and fears about both his private life and his relationship… Continue reading Michael Jackson:

Friday With Michael

For many of Michael Jackson’s fans, Friday, September 7th was a culmination of sorts. The quintessential icon of pop, who for years has endured an acrimonious barrage of ridicule aimed at him from an unrelenting media, finally had another day in the sun. Another day where only Jackson would call the shots and again display… Continue reading Friday With Michael