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Miami Hot Spots

Everglades National ParkHead over to the Everglades National Park, the country’s largest after Yellowstone, for a taste of pure, unfettered wilderness. About an hour’s drive from Miami, an entrance fee of $10 will get you 7-day access to all the Park has to offer. Unless you are true nature lover, this can all be done…


50 Things I learnt during Hell Week

1. The fact that only 30-50% of people get a job during hell week is a great excuse to spend it on a beach in Miami.2. Flights to Miami get very expensive if you don’t get around to booking until the last minute.3. You can’t cancel interviews that you randomly signed up to on the…


Bienvenido a Miami

Miami just hosted the MTV Video Music Awards last month. Shaq, JLo, and Matt Damon call it home. The newest Crockett and Tubbs, Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell, are in town to shoot Miami Vice and can be spotted club-hopping nightly. Hurricane season is just about over. Could there be a cooler destination than South…


My Summer with Carnival Corporation

This summer I worked at Carnival Corporation in Miami, Florida. I was an intern with Management Advisory Services (“MAS”), Carnival’s internal strategic consulting group, the purpose of which is to analyze and detect various opportunities within the organization and its operating companies to become more efficient, reduce costs, etc. Although I had always been interested…


Oh, Canada!

The hubbub of International Week here at HBS got me thinking, especially in light of the presidential election this week. Depending on the outcome, there could be an economic opportunity awaiting for our neighbors to the north. Let me explain… Not too long ago, there were a number of large advertisements in The Washington Post…


Spreadsheets n' Bedsheets:

It was one of those sultry South Beach nights and all the HBS people were going to Bed together. The lounge, that is. Of course, like any bored dork, I was sure to get my mileage out of this brilliant play on words, which I’m sure I was the first to think of. Here I…


HBS Rugby Club Spring Tour In Miami

It was 9 am on a freezing Thursday morning in Boston. Despite the frosty conditions, I was dressed in a Hawaiian shirt. Despite the early hour, I was sculling a can of high quality Bud Light. I was holding a song sheet containing such erudite classics as “Saturday’s a rugby day” (believe me, you don’t…


The Joys of January

Ahhh, how great to be back at HBS… The beautiful weather, the job offers pouring in, and my grades reflecting all that hard work and clearing the path to my inevitable Baker Scholar status. Life couldn’t be better. Which one of you is thinking that right now? If I find out, I’m coming after you….



10. Include jobs with tuitionThis would make the experience oh so much more enjoyable, you know, without the entire stressful begging for employment thing. It could be like a vacation package deal, rather than flight and hotel, great education and $120,000 job for $50,000 per year – Whata deal! I actually think this is feasible,…


The Downside of NFL Parity

The other leagues are supposed to be jealous. The NFL hails parity as a way to keep the casual fan interested because it prolongs the local team’s odds of making the playoffs. And once there, anyone can beat anyone – for proof, just read down the list of recent Super Bowl champs. Rams. Ravens. Patriots….


Winter Travel Tips

It’s that time of year again. Time to start planning your winter travels. Whether it’s home for Thanksgiving or a great Spring Break, here are some tips for traveling cheaply and smartly. This year, more than any other year in recent memory, the number one way to save money is to book as early as…


A new trek was born:

What would you think of 70 HBS and MIT-Sloan 1st and 2nd year students flying to Miami on February 15th-18th weekend? Well, although they came with brand-new tans and unbearable hangovers from the last Tequila shots of the weekend, they were actually part of the first HBS-Sloan Miami Trek. The Trek, organized jointly by the…



SUPER BOWL HISTORICAL RESULTS Super Bowl Year Score I 1967 Green Bay 35, Kansas City 10II 1968 Green Bay 33, Oakland 14III 1969 N.Y. Jets 16, Baltimore 7IV 1970 Kansas City 23, Minnesota 7V 1971 Baltimore 16, Dallas 13VI 1972 Dallas 24, Miami 3VII 1973 Miami 14, Washington 7VIII 1974 Miami 24, Minnesota 7IX 1975…


Studio Lucifero:

MIAMI, FL – In his modestly-sized apartment in an upscale residential tower on Miami’s exclusive South Beach neighborhood, Roberto Lucifero welcomes his dinner guests with warm hugs and glasses of wine for all. The apartment is decorated with the impeccable taste of a world-renowned artist, and indeed Lucifero is just that. But Lucifero is not…


Swell Week

While the snow, stress and interview madness was engulfing the inmates of HBS, a surprisingly large number of RC September took the opportunity to head out of town. These were the people who rocked up refreshed with suntans on post-Hell week Monday morning, while, the rest of us were ashen faced and haggard. Some have…

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