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Spangler Painting is a Fusion of Styles

This time of year, Spangler can be a pretty pleasant place to spend time. The fires are roaring, lots of people are milling about and there is a ton of amazing art on the wall. I have too frequently found myself racing down the long corridor to secure one of the comfy couches, but this…


The Artist Within

As a member of the leadership teams for the Art Appreciation Society and the Entertainment and Media Club, it’s easy to speculate my love of the arts. Film, theatre, music, visual arts, you name it and I have an opinion about it. Maybe not so apparent is my interest in the arts, not just as…


HBS Art Appreciation Society:

When a section-mate and I founded the HBS Art Appreciation Society last year, we wanted to encourage dialogue around the arts on the HBS campus, bring attention to the HBS Collection, and explore the Boston art scene with our classmates. We also aimed to infuse HBS with an appreciation for culture and beautiful things, to…


Crossing the Sectoral Divide

“The lines between the private and non-profit sectors are blurring,” Michael Chu stated last Wednesday in a panel sponsored by the Social Enterprise Club on changing sectors throughout one’s career. Chu and fellow panelists Kelly Fitzsimmons and Susan Wolf Ditkoff debunked a number of commonly shared myths about the differences between the non-profit and private…


HBS Community Joins Its Muslim Students For a Ramadan Iftar

On Tuesday December 4th at sundown, 80 students gathered in the Meredith Room in Spangler for an Iftar-the meal that marks the end of a day of fasting. Organized by the Middle East and North Africa Club (MENA), the Iftar was designed to educate the HBS community about the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and…

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