They Said What

This week we again bring you memorabe quotes from EC and RC classes. Please continue to submitt all comments by email to Professor Richard Tedlow [comparing HBS to Wharton] “We don’t do underlying value of companies here. We network. We bond. We do Crimson Greetings.” “I don’t do the 90s or 2000 because you… Continue reading They Said What

Faculty, EC, and RC Match Wits

Ever wonder “who’s the smartest group of people on campus?” Sure, we’d all probably agree that would be whoever maintains the perfect taste and temperature of the frosty cold beers down in the Spangler Grille – but let’s rule them out for the time being. Here at Harbus Sports, we’ve launched an “NFL Pick ’em”… Continue reading Faculty, EC, and RC Match Wits

Welcome from the Humor Editor

Humor isn’t easy. I have just reached this conclusion as I blankly stare at the unforgiving blinking of my HP computer cursor. How can I best introduce the new Harbus Humor section? That damn cursor mocks me. Dude, I should have asked for a Dell. It wouldn’t have changed the cursor taunting much, but at… Continue reading Welcome from the Humor Editor