Tales from Finals

I did everything right. I studied for hours, I went to the review sessions, I did the end-of-term pit dives, everything. Unfortunately, the results for my final exams did not reflect the amount of hours I spent preparing. (Fortunately, I ran my mouth incessantly in enough classes that I was able to be invited back… Continue reading Tales from Finals

They Said What?

This issue of They Said What? features a medley from Professor Richard Tedlow, the HBS resident expert on the history of business. All quotes this issue come from EC courses, indicating that the first years need to start paying enough attention in class to catch those humorous comments between naps! Anyone who doesn’t fall into… Continue reading They Said What?

From the Far East to Colonial New England

Before I left Korea to come to Boston, the only thing I knew about Bean Town was that it was an educational city with MIT and Harvard University. My husband (Michael Lee, September Cohort 2002) and I arrived in Boston on July 12th, 2000. Can you guess what was the first thing that greeted us?… Continue reading From the Far East to Colonial New England