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Beauty Review

Admit it, what could be nicer than having someone lavish attention on your feet? Pedicures are one of life’s greatest indulgences, and I indulge as often as our student budget will allow. But lately I have encountered my fair share of unmemorable “pedis.” From sub-par hygiene standards to weaker-than-weak massaging, the factory approach to spas…


Dive In – Sugar & Spice

As an EC it is nice to get off campus. Without the pressure of 7:40 am study group, but with the pervasive thought of how to start paying back debt in less than a year, finding a fun but inexpensive place to eat can be a challenge. Last week we went in search of a…


Dive In: Forest Caf‚

Margarita Monday’s is the inspiration for this week’s “go-to” dive. As a Californian, my first meal in Cambridge was at Border Caf‚. And ever since that day, I have been in a desperate search for a Mexican restaurant. It has only taken me 4 weeks shy of the entire year to find one. The obvious…


Restaurant Review: Campo de Fiori

With six weeks left in my first year, the hunt for the “go-to” dive is on. (the “go-to” dive is the spot where you know you can get a good, reasonably priced, hassle-free, meal on your way to wherever your evening takes you). With the help of the longest winter in my life, Spangler captured…


A&E: Cambridge Pub Crawl 2

Last week this column provided a simple route for a pub-crawl that took the crawlers along Mass Ave and a variety of bars and pubs. This week, we’ll cover a different route, one that explores some of the area’s newest and trendiest bars. The section of Mass Ave between Harvard and Porter Squares is one…


Ask the Local

Here’s the deal – I’m getting sick and tired of hearing people complain that the Crimson Grille is gone. Actually, I don’t think anyone is complaining, but it did spur a thought. I aim to provide the HBS community with a broader range of options in all things, and that includes drinking (also known at…

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