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Case Rip Cord:

“Globalization of Markets”: In his seminal 1983 Harvard Business Review article, retired HBS Marketing Professor Theodore Levitt argues that consumers in markets worldwide crave premium products that mulitnational corporations produce in their home countries. When these mulitnationals expand globally, Levitt says they should avoid the push by marketing departments to customize their products for the…


Career Questions: Q&MBA

Q: What courses beyond the core curriculum add value to an MBA career? A: Is everything in life a battle between breadth and depth, or does it just feel that way? Most MBA students expect to emerge from B-school well-versed in their field of concentration, but academic deans and recent business school graduates alike agree…


Elizabethan Prose

I wanted to know what members of the Class of 2003 were thinking. What were their hopes, their dreams, their fears, their anxieties, their uncertainties, and their humorous anecdotes as they started this new chapter in their lives? I had a twofold problem though. For one, I didn’t know any members of the Class of…


Class of 2003 Prepares to Invade

HBS received a record 8,893 applications for the roughly 900 slots in the class &-almost 10% higher than last year’s level. While the slowing economy likely played a signifigant role in sparking the increased interest, Britt Dewey, who took over as managing director of admissions and financial aid in June, also noted that the admissions…


How to Write The HBS Show

1) FORM TEAM: Gather diverse community perspectives by assembling: a giant, goofy genius; a politically-charged New York satirist; a red-headed drama freak; an overly-sensitive meathead; and two extraordinarily good-looking and popular ski bums. 2) WRITE TREATMENT: Spend dozens of useless but amusing hours in SFP 1-413. Eat all of Dan Allen’s cookie dough and wash…


Recruiter Newsflash

ManufacturersDaimlerChrysler AG (DCX) is preparing a management shakeup as part of a sweeping restructuring, The Financial Times reported on its Web site Tuesday. Chairman Jurgen Schrempp is to take control of a new “executive automotive committee” overseeing the group’s Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler divisions, as well as its commercial vehicle activities and the alliance with Japan’s…


Classmates remember Bush the personality

When George W. Bush announced his candidacy for president of the United States in 1999, many members of HBS’s Class of 1975 rallied to support their classmate with their time and money. Many were tantalized by the bragging rights and some agreed with his politics. April Hoxie Foley, however, had other motives. April Hoxie was…


Dell Case Competition at Harvard

The Dell Case Competition took place on Dec 8 and Dec 9, 2000. The competition was sponsored by Dell, which would like to get some business ideas from MBA students. I believed that the competition started at University of Michigan and now has extended to other business schools (Chicago, Duke, Kellog, Michigan, UNC, and Wharton)….

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