'Tis the Season of Giving, and Opportunities Abound

For those of you staying in Boston over the Thanksgiving or Christmas breaks, here are several opportunities to make a real difference and mingle with Bostonians who are striving to do the same. Do a search on the Internet and you’ll find an overwhelming number of Boston charities that sponsor holiday events. How does one… Continue reading 'Tis the Season of Giving, and Opportunities Abound

Couples Only:

Last fall, I decided that it was time it was time for my girlfriend (a.k.a. “my partner”) and I to have a romantic escape from the HBS environment. So I set out to plan the perfect non-HBS romantic getaway: a fun, totally irreverent place where we were guaranteed not to run into anyone even remotely… Continue reading Couples Only:

The Harbus Intraview

Her StoryThe Duck Hunter’s Taleby Julie Ritter, NG Ever since the beginning of the year, I have been rallying the troops around my section with cries for “more personal humiliation!” Unfortunately, Uncle Jordy must have heard those cries from his classroom across the hall, because when it came time to identify “live ones” for an… Continue reading The Harbus Intraview

Post Game Interviews

Thought it’d be interesting to ask our two Intraviewers some questions after their southern journey. These interviews were conducted separately, but I’ve intermingled the responses for fun. Uncle Jordy: Dobbs, did you really get lost, or were you just trying to pull that “ran out of gas” trick? It’s a little cold for that, no?… Continue reading Post Game Interviews