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The Great Gamblers

The piece is about how stocks and share brokers have impacted the operations of corporations across the world. Investment firms and brokers have such large stakes in corporations, that they try to impact every aspect ofÿthe latter. At times, this takes the focus of the company away fromÿits basic goals. The piece also covers how…


Making a Real Difference Through Corporate Social Responsibility

Evan Hochberg, National Director of Community Involvement, Deloitte Services, speaks on making CSR really matter Heightened interest of the role of businesses in society has created a strong place for Corporate Social Responsibility in many corporations. Companies have allocated huge budgets towards social impact initiatives, encouraged employees to volunteer towards charitable causes and even established…


Airlines: The Most Profitable Industry in the World! (Yes, you read correctly)

Managing Director of the Seabury Group consulting, Joe Schottland, explained to HBS students why he is placing big bets on the airline industry. Few consider the airline industry to be an attractive investment, particularly given the recent wave of bankruptcies, high fuel prices, security risks and ongoing labor battles. On November 21, HBS welcomed Joe…


Power Couples: Life as a Team Sport

How do you manage two demanding careers, kids, dogs, a marriage and life’s unexpected curve balls? HBS was treated to a standing-room only panel, which addressed this and many more questions. The “Power Couples” panel at the 15th Annual WSA conference on January 28 brought to light the importance of viewing marriage as a partnership….


Alumni Connections: The Forgotten Issue

Before the debate over the election, Iraq, and terrorism, few issues got Americans as worked up as the environment. On the one side are people who are worried about pollution, about the disappearance of wildlife and biodiversity, and humans tinkering with global processes. On the other side are people who consider environmental laws and regulations…


News In Brief:

Technical Question Looks like Non-Technical Comment (Aldrich 508) When Abe Marcotti raised his classcard during FRC last Tuesday and told his professor he was “confused about expensing stock options,” Professor Lampley and classmates expected Marcotti to follow up the statement with a technical question like “What is Black Scholes” or “What did Yasu Wantanabe say?…


Customer Acquisition : Are You Courting The Right One?

In business, you are courting customers. No customer, no business. Are you going for the guy-or girl-next-door? Or simply, are you chasing after everyone in town? Or worse still, chasing them on the street! In the midst of reading the mountains of case-studies materials in the AMP (Advanced Management Program) at Harvard Business School, I…


From the HBS' Turnaround Symposium:

Amidst a global corporate environment that has produced several high profile bankruptcies over the last few months (Enron, Kmart and Global Crossing just to name a few of the biggies), HBS students flocked to the HBS Turnaround Symposium last Tuesday, March 13. The Symposium, an annual event organized as a joint venture between the Entrepreneurship…


A Summer with The Broad Foundation

It wasn’t the most conventional interview, but I knew it wouldn’t be when his assistant told me I could “ride with him to the airport”. I was meeting Dan Katzir, Managing Director of The Broad Foundation, an entrepreneurial, grant-making organization that funds innovative efforts to dramatically improve governance, management, and labor relations in the nation’s…


New Faces in Gallatin Basement

The board of directors of the Harbus News Corporation elected its new officers for the calendar year 2002 on December 3. After intense deliberations, the board voted in Susan Kim (NC) as Publisher, and Nick Will (NI) as Editor-in-Chief. Susan (Harvard College ’96) has a background in management consulting and brand marketing, and loves the…

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