Social Enterprise HBS Business Plan Finalists – School Revolution

1. YOUR PITCH: In part due to education reforms triggered by No Child Left Behind, policymakers now have much more information on how U.S. urban public schools are performing and how many are in need of serious intervention. Further, district leaders face increasingly strong consequences for failing to improve student achievement at these schools. To… Continue reading Social Enterprise HBS Business Plan Finalists – School Revolution

C&S Wholesale Grocers Hosts RC Section F

Roger Huffstetler particularly enjoyed “the interaction we had with the folks in the warehouse. The young man who led our tour was full of practical and insightful comments regarding how and why the warehouse was organized.” After discussing C&S Grocers during a LEAD class, a member of section F used relationships he had with the… Continue reading C&S Wholesale Grocers Hosts RC Section F

What Ten HBS Grads Are Doing to "Make A Difference in the World"

Developing a regional growth strategy, managing a finance fund, and identifying sources of earned income are all typical responsibilities for HBS graduates. What is atypical is to perform these tasks on top of working hand-in-hand with CEOs, COOs, and CFOs of some of the largest and most successful organizations in the world just six months… Continue reading What Ten HBS Grads Are Doing to "Make A Difference in the World"

Southern Barbecue Delights at Redbones

In Davis Square, the one block radius surrounding Redbones is permeated with the enticing aroma of barbeque. The well-loved restaurant, which opened in 1987, serves a steady stream of diners seeking humble Southern food. The Redbones menu contains the Southern specialties one might expect – pulled pork, BBQ beef, ribs, and cornbread. Redbones is known… Continue reading Southern Barbecue Delights at Redbones

Tavern in the Square

Cambridge’s Central Square contains a myriad of food options, mostly ethnic. But located within the mix is Tavern in the Square, an American sports bar offering better-than-average bar food. If you’re not up for hiking into downtown Boston, consider getting your appetizer fix here. While this restaurant’s name includes the word “tavern,” don’t expect to… Continue reading Tavern in the Square

Press Release

Introducing 5 Cowperthwaite Street Harvard Real Estate Services is pleased to announce our newest property – 5 Cowperthwaite Street. Conveniently located near Harvard Square and the Charles River, this is an ideal housing option for full-time Harvard graduate students, faculty members, and employees. Occupancy is slated for August 2007. 5 Cowperthwaite Street contains 85 studios… Continue reading Press Release

Playoff Perseverance

CANTON, MA – The HBS Rugby Club entered the New England Rugby Football Union season as pretenders. Their history has been one of futility against the other men’s clubs, which boasted a larger pool of talent and size and better continuity than the two year stint of the HBS Rugger. However, this year’s team has… Continue reading Playoff Perseverance

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Parlee Farms – 5 Stars!

Apple picking is a New England tradition and a must-do for those who are new to the area. With many orchards open through October, there are still a few weekends left to make the trip to one of the local farms. Don’t have a car? Think about renting one or reserving a Zipcar because it… Continue reading Parlee Farms – 5 Stars!

Women's Golf Outing

On April 27, less than 24 hours before the Fin 2 final, RC women headed to the green along with ECs to practice the game of golf. The 2nd Annual WSA Women’s Golf Workshop, sponsored by the HBS Women’s Student Association, was held at Stow Acres Country Club in Stow, MA, about 25 miles outside… Continue reading Women's Golf Outing

HBSers Going the Distance

In the early morning hours of April 17, nearly 24,000 runners gathered in Hopkington, MA, for the 110th Boston Marathon. The field included 15 HBS students with equal representation from RC and EC classes. What began as a cold, overcast day turned into a bright and balmy afternoon with perfect conditions for both runners and… Continue reading HBSers Going the Distance

La Groceria: The North End in Your Own Backyard

Let’s face it, we all love the charm and history of the North End but trying to park and get seated on a weekend night can be quite a challenge. La Grocreria on Main Street in Central Square provides amazing Italian food and large portions with all the conveniences of free parkingin other words, it… Continue reading La Groceria: The North End in Your Own Backyard

COOP Announces 6% Rebate, Payback Increases 20% Over 2003 Rebate

Cambridge, MA. October 18, 2004- The Harvard Cooperative Society (THE COOP) today announced a rebate of 6% to all paid-up members on merchandise sales of $ 39,629,828. Members will soon receive a check returning 6% of the value of their purchases made at any of the six Coop locations, as well as mail order and… Continue reading COOP Announces 6% Rebate, Payback Increases 20% Over 2003 Rebate

Retaurant Review: Spire Restaurant

Located on the second floor of the funky boutique hotel, Nine-Zero, in Boston’s “ladder district”, Spire is definitely worth the splurge for any special occasion. Spire was recently named one of Food and Wine’s “Top 50 Hotel Restaurants”, just one of many accolades it has received in its past two years of operation. The setting… Continue reading Retaurant Review: Spire Restaurant

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On-Campus Interview Series: A Three-Sport Titan

Cara ‘Shorty’ Shortsleeve (NF) is a lot of things that are easy to see: feisty, humorous, potty-mouthed and red-haired. However, she’s also uncommonly modest, which means it’s less easy to see the true sporting story behind this week’s featured athlete. Born, bred and educated in Massachusetts replica breitling, Cara Shortsleeve has played Soccer, Lacrosse and… Continue reading On-Campus Interview Series: A Three-Sport Titan

Top Local Golf Courses as Ranked by HBS Students*

Top Local Golf Courses as Ranked by HBS Students* 1. Fresh Pond Golf CourseCambridge, MA(617) 349-6282Holes: 9Green Fees:Weekdays $23.00Weekend $29.00 2. Stow Acres Golf CourseStow, MA(978) 568-1100Holes: 36 (2 18-hole courses)Green Fees:Weekdays $36.00Weekend $45.00Newton Commonwealth Golf Course 3. Newton Commonwealth Golf CourseNewton, MA(617) 630-1971Holes: 18Green Fees:Weekdays $25.00Weekend $30.00 4. Blackstone National Golf CourseSutton, MA(508) 865-2111Holes:… Continue reading Top Local Golf Courses as Ranked by HBS Students*

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Ask the Local

It’s about that time – you’ve been on campus for long enough that you have forgotten how to talk about anything but cases and recruiting. If you need a break from things, here are four of my favorites places for a weekend away. 1. Martha’s Vineyard, MA. I spent a delightful few days here last… Continue reading Ask the Local

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Hbs Runner's Calendar

September 27, 2001 Logan Post 5.1K 7:00PM Thursday, West Somerville, Logan Post, 1194 Broadway Contact: 508-775-0143 Khoury’s 4.13M 7:15PM Thursday, Somerville, Khoury’s State Spa, 118 Broadway Contact: 617-598-1028 September 29, 2001 Team With A Vision 5K R/W 10:00AM Saturday, Boston, Artesani Park, Brighton Contact: 617-732-0244 Run for Youth 5K 10:00AM Saturday, Quincy,… Continue reading Hbs Runner's Calendar

Runner's Calendar

September 10, 2001Stanley Park 3M Cross Country Race 6:30PM Monday, Westfield, Stanley Park Contact: 413-569-0875 September 15, 2001Sheepfold Cross Country for Kid’s 1.5M/400 Meters 10:00AM Saturday, Stoneham, Sheepfold Parking Lot-Middlesex Fells Contact: 617-625-2140 Starfish Foundation’s Run for Providence 45M 7:00AM Saturday, Boston, Boston State House (Note: Boston, MA to Providence, RI ) Contact:… Continue reading Runner's Calendar

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Review of The Surfside Motor Inn in Chatham, MA Motor Inn in Chatham, MA

As one passes the palatial estates of Chatham and the communities on the Cape, one might assume it will cost you a pretty penny to lodge in this town (I have been burned by this in the past, I don’t mind telling ya). However, to find the best deal in Chatham, one should continue past… Continue reading Review of The Surfside Motor Inn in Chatham, MA
Motor Inn in Chatham, MA