Career Profiles – Dana Hopp Peritz

Career Field Prior to HBS:Consultant at Novantas, a consultancy in New York focused on marketing and strategy in the financial services sector. Position in Grey: Summer Intern /Strategic Planning Why did you choose an internship with Grey?I had long debated the idea of working in advertising – hoping it would be a field where I… Continue reading Career Profiles – Dana Hopp Peritz

The Illusion of Eve:

My parents always told me a story about how each generation is supposed to do “better” than the last generation, and make life “better” for the next generation. This “progress” is why we work so hard, struggle, and sacrifice. My great-grandmother mentions this “progress” every time she sees my children. Yet it seems so elusive… Continue reading The Illusion of Eve:

Club Meditation

When Claudia Sender approached me and asked it I’d like to go with her and Lisette Chappa Cinzia Rascazzo, Marta Velando and Patrick Arnaud to Club Med in Turks & Caicos for spring break, I didn’t hesitate to give a resounding yes. After months of cases and the cold Boston winter, the thought of a… Continue reading Club Meditation