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NO–Being an Entrepreneur–Well, Not Just Yet…

“There is an infinite amount of money out there.” HBS Professors are always stating: “Follow your passion, be an entrepreneur.” But the reality of the situation is quite different. This is why I chose to put off my entrepreneurial ventures in these uncertain times. For a guy who wants to start a Space Tourism company…


Roger Altman, Evercore Partners Founder and CEO: The Entire Structure of Western Finance Will Change Over Time

On October 15, 2008, Mr. Roger Altman, Evercore Partners Founder and CEO, gave a speech in Spangler Auditorium about the long-term implications of the current financial crisis. Roger Altman is the Chairman and CEO of Evercore Partners. Mr. Altman began his investment banking career at Lehman Brothers in 1974. Beginning in 1977, he served as…


HBS Rugby Says Goodbye to the Class of 2007

It was an evening with food, drinks, stories, songs, traditions and of course the age-old, 30-foot long arm versus 50 ducks question. It was an emotional night for all, but none more so than for the aforementioned co-captains. Stephane and Flint spent the year developing the team on the practice field and leading it on…


The Other Shoe Has Dropped, and it's a Wingtip

Remember how psyched you were to hear that your firm was going business casual? To celebrate, you may have even handed over your itchy suits and ugly ties to charity. Well, get your khaki-wearing self down to Goodwill and see if your threads are still on the rack, because the tide has turned and business…


Employees Still Missing From WTC Firms

Many businesses located in and around the twin towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) employed HBS alumni. Several of those alumni are still unaccounted for. Some of the larger employers have posted information on their websites. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter reported that 3,500 people of their company were working in the WTC for the…

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