Reader Questions Harbus’ Presidential Poll

To Editor in Chief: I am from Lebanon visiting Mass for treatment. By chance I read The Harbus Monday 27 Oct 2008. I was very surprised that HBS is backing Obama. In Lebanon the palestinains Sunni Chiate also Hezballah Hamas Falah they all want Obama to win. Reason they Obama share that Arab and Muslim… Continue reading Reader Questions Harbus’ Presidential Poll

Israel – UN Relations

The current round of violence in the Middle East has caused much worldwide debate. Europe and the rest of the world have been in the Palestinian camp, while the U.S. has generally backed Israel while trying to maintain relations with the Arab nations it strives to ally with in its war on terrorism. At the… Continue reading Israel – UN Relations

Stability Requires Unequivocal Support for Israel

“The Arabs will never make peace with Israel if they think there is a chance of eliminating Israel by force. That is why U.S. unequivocal support for Israel is necessary for stability in the Middle East” -Henry Kissinger former U.S. secretary of state and Nobel peace prize winner I steadfastly defend the right to free… Continue reading Stability Requires Unequivocal Support for Israel

Sharon vs. Arafat:

This nation has no permanent allies, only permanent interests.-Lord Palmerston Like the sound of car horns in a Manhattan street, daily accounts of atrocities in the Middle East, at this point in time, barely arouse one’s interest. Recent reports that Yasir Arafat has shown himself to be an untrustworthy participant in the peace process have… Continue reading Sharon vs. Arafat: