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Being an introverted leader
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Being an introverted leader

By Francisco Guarisse, Harvard Business School Class of 2017 Everybody knows it by now: the mission of Harvard Business School is to “educate leaders who make a difference in the world”. To advance this objective, the school enrolls around 900 new MBA students each year to come to Boston and learn about leadership. There is, however, an…


Starwood CEO Frits van Paasschen Worth his Weight in “Gold”

Spangler Auditorium filled quickly last Wednesday with students eager to hear Starwood Hotels & Resorts CEO Frits van Paasschen talk about “The Age of Great Change,” hosted by the Hospitality & Travel Industry Club. Prior to his role at Starwood, van Paasschen held several executive positions across various functions at national brand-led corporations like Nike…

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Bungled Buffet Choice Sparks “Menugate” Controversy

What a hot mezze! The HBS administration found itself in a public relations debacle last week as a well-intentioned lunch menu incited a broader political debate on campus and in web venues across the Middle East. It all started with a lunch buffet.  Like any other afternoon, Spangler Dining Hall featured an international cuisine offering…

On Campus

Opinion: HBS Show Co-President Evaluates Sanction Process

I believe in the HBS Community Values. We should respect each other’s rights, act honestly and with integrity, and take accountability for our personal behavior. Recently, I have become painfully aware of how our community upholds its values cartier santos 100 replica — by means of an opaque process that feels neither fair to the…


An Open Letter to Dean Nohria and Faculty, Staff, and Students

Dear Dean Nohria, I have learned much at HBS from the Professors who make this institution truly great.  I am disheartened, based on the treatment of the HBS Show Presidents, that HBS as an institution does not follow these same principles. Professor Rebecca Henderson, in Leadership and Corporate Accountability, taught us that often the ends…


Meet the Presidents

The Harbus recently sat down with the newly elected HBS Student Association leaders, Laura Merritt and Kunal Modi.  Laura and Kunal gave us the scoop on their friendship, the decision to campaign replica breitling bentley 6.75, and plans for next year. The Proposal Harbus: It seems like you two are BFF’s.  Tell me about your…


Kicking Ass and Breaking Glass

“In my 40 years, I have just seen one roadblock after another for women disappear.” – Regina Herzlinger, Nancy R. McPherson Professor of Business Administration and the first woman to be tenured and chaired at HBS December 1962: HBS faculty vote to admit women into the two-year MBA program.  Eight women are admitted to first…


Listen, Learn, Communicate, and Change: How My Employees and I Transformed Union Corrugating Company

In 1992, just after graduating from HBS, I became President of Union Corrugating Company, my family’s metal roofing manufacturing business.  The $9mm revenue company was in a severe state of decline replica breitling, facing operational red ink, the loss of a customer accounting for 25% of sales, outdated equipment, demoralized employees, and poor customer relationships,…


Thank You, Steve Jobs

I found out late that Steve Jobs had died. By late, I mean about two hours after the news had first made its way on to the internet. The entrepreneur of the century, the greatest business mind of our time. Despite these abstract accolades, I personally care. I actually do. I feel a sadness I…


Open for Business: HBS’s Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, Part 1

Entrepreneurs-in-residence (EiRs) are quite possibly the best resource HBS has to offer the budding entrepreneur.  With the patience of a FIN1 professor, the determination of an EC trying to get into Professor Malhotra’s Negotiation class, and knowledge equal to that of Dean Nitin Nohria himself, the EiRs come to HBS with one purpose: to help…

On Campus

A Message from Dean Nohria

To the MBA Classes of 2011 and 2012: It is hard to believe that a year has passed since I was given this wonderful gift of being the dean of Harvard Business School. Yet the calendar provides the proof. I would venture to guess that many of you feel the same way; when you fill…


Lessons Learned from Marshmallow to Marathoner

Hi Friends, now that the marathon is over, I’m a bit surprised that I never did lose those few pounds I was hoping to lose as a result of training for and running the marathon.  In thinking about why, I realized that in life, some things are just true, whether we like it or not!…

On Campus

Leadership is…

Reflections by Brett Gibson and Justine Lelchuk, Outgoing SA Co-Presidents Last year at this time an article was published in The Harbus questioning, “Where have all the leaders gone?” We were excited to step into an opportunity to boldly reply to the question.  To the HBS Classes of 2011 and 2012, we’re explicitly telling you…


Harvard Allows University-Wide Student Groups

The Harvard Graduate Council is thrilled to announce that Harvard will be initiating a pilot program to establish University-wide student groups. The concept was born out of student frustration that student groups, based at one particular Harvard school, felt limited by their lack of access to the broader Harvard community. This issue was brought to…

On Campus

Welcome to the New Harbus Leadership Team

I remember this time last year when I was taking over the reins as the editor of the Harbus from Kay. The time commitment, the expectations of my classmates, and the mandate of improving the publication was bearing very heavily in my mind. In hindsight, I must admit that this has turned out to be…


MBAs Putting Their Education To Work… Literally

On October 27, HBS hosted a Professional Perspectives Panel on Education. The panelists – Emily McCann (HBS ’99), Scott Given (HBS ’10), Scott Benson (HBS ’08), and Garrett Smith (HBS ’08) – explained the recent dynamism of the world of education reform.


Personalized Medicine Sector

Many of the students at HBS are seeking jobs that provide a good mix of complexity, industry or professional impact, entrepreneurial activity, and rewards.  Often, the situations that we will find ourselves in while performing our jobs in the years to come will be two-sided problems.  There will be a customer need, a competitor challenge,…


Celebrating Sanity Is Not Enough to Restore It

Many of us at HBS have been in boardrooms where executives have had to grapple with very tough issues facing their companies. Imagine an executive walks into a board meeting saying, “We need to improve X and make significant changes. The current model is not working. do not know, however, what to do exactly; and…


An Interview With the CEO of Credit Suisse

The Banking world is perceived to be a man’s world. There are not many women on Wall Street and those who are there do not last as long as their male counterparts. We’ve heard of cases where banks were accused of discriminating against women, not promoting them on time, paying them less than the men…


A Tale of Two Bs

The bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly. Aerodynamically speaking I mean, the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly. But, as the saying goes, the bumblebee doesn’t know this and so continues to fly, untroubled by any evidence to the contrary. This is partly folklore and I am decidedly not going to draw any ridiculous comparisons…


Observations from Pakistan

The problems facing Pakistan are enormous, but during my three week visit to the country this summer I observed that the foundation on which the country is built is more solid than most would think. Let me first establish that the ongoing flood will affect Pakistan for many years to come. The country faces an…


Reflecting on a Case

The article is geared towards RCs and discusses my techniques for learning from the case method. For RCs, this is the first month of experiencing the case method of instruction. There has been a great deal of emphasis placed on preparing the case. This makes sense because without an adequate grasp of the situation and…


What’s Next For New Orleans?

Having recently marked the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in wake of the Gulf Coast oil spill disaster, New Orleans is now coping with new social and community redevelopment challenges. As the only US service-based January Term IXP, the 2011 New Orleans IXP will offer an unparalleled opportunity to experience first-hand one of the most…


SA Weekly – 130 RCs and ECs in 2 Boston Public Middle Schools

On September 16, 2010, 300 seventh graders looked in 300 mirrors and discovered leaders. With the help of RC students and a curriculum developed specially for the Impact Initiative, these seventh graders at Timilty and Frederick-Pilot Middle Schools realized they had the potential to be influential leaders. The curriculum was designed with dual objectives. According…

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