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HBS Hosts X Latin American Conference

On Saturday April 12, 2008 the club Latino Americano of HBS hosted its X Latin American Conference with great success. More than 750 people were present, making it the largest Latin American conference in the history of HBS. The event looks to inspire the students, professors and professionals to reflect and act on the opportunities,…


Latam 101

HBS receives a crash course on Latin America. The IX Latin American Conference held at Harvard Business School Saturday, January 20, was like a survey course in contemporary Latin American issues. The conference convened seven expert panels on a wide variety of business topics, and the three keynote sessions discussed the challenges and opportunities ahead…


Anatomy of a Conference

By any measure, last Saturday’s Latin American Conference was a resounding success. Over six hundred participants arrived from twenty-five universities, more than fifty companies, and all over the United States and Latin America. And as Co-Chair Jos‚ Antonio Morán (OC) joked about the conference buzz and level of enthusiasm, “This is the first time I…


Viva HBS!

Hola Hola! This is a brand new Latin column that we hope you will see often in The Harbus. So let me start talking about the column’s name. We chose Viva HBS! Pretty simple.But what is important is what it means. HBS, you know. Viva! could be translated to Go! (You Boston guys would say…


Coming Up – Latin American Career Forum

On November 2, 2006 a coalition of Harvard student groups will hold the first annual Latin American Career Forum. Two HBS clubs, Latino Student Organization (LASO) and Club Latinoamericano, represent HBS in this broad cross-school coalition. The Latin American Career Forum’s mission is to connect Harvard students with companies and non-profit organizations that are either:…


Summertime is not over…

Thursday, October 16th 2003. A day that will stick forever in the minds of many people around here… yes, right, the Sox didn’t make it to the World Series (a couple of quotes heard on campus: ‘Usually managers are hired to make decisions!’ …and, from a case: ‘…the New York Yankees are able to buy…


A Minute With: John Malkovich

“The Dancer Upstairs” marks John Malkovich’s ‘official’ debut as a feature film Director, but is far from his first effort driving theatrical vision. Malkovich is a two-time Academy Award nominee (“In the Line of Fire” and “Places in the Heart”), a veteran stage director and one of the founders of Chicago’s highly regarded Steppenwolf Theatre…


Latin America: The Road Ahead

As I finished my last interview of Hell Week on Friday, I ran from the Charles Hotel to Spangler Auditorium to make it to the opening of the 9th Latin American Business Conference, organized by HBS’ Club Ibero-Americano and Harvard’s David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (DRCLAS). The two-day conference had three keynote speakers,…


Latin American Business Conference:

Increasing the productivity of Latin American nations is critical to advancing not just their economies, but also their societies. So began Michael Fairbanks, keynote speaker at the recent HBS Latin American Business Conference. Fairbanks is CEO of ontheFRONTIER. Previously, he created Monitor’s Country Competitiveness practice, which was carved out of Monitor to become ontheFRONTIER in…


Latin America Competitiveness: Poised but Unproven

Burden Hall was full of attendees and optimism, but the mood was tense as Sara Sievers, Executive Director of the Center for International Development (CID) at Harvard University, presented the results of the CID’s Global Competitiveness Report about Latin America. The results of the Latin America Competitiveness Report, which were also presented to the World…


Havoc in Havana

The immigration officials must have found it very ironic that the children of the “Creating Modern Capitalism” generation chose the bastion of communist revolutionary belief for their spring break vacation. Despite the irony of it, roughly 10% of the current September RC cohort set off to Cuba for a week of cigar smoking, mojito sipping,…

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