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Asia Business Conference:

The 14th Annual Harvard Asia Business Conference took place Friday, February 10 to Sunday, February 12. Titled “Asia, Inc.: Integration and Differentiation,” this year’s conference drew over 900 students, scholars, professionals and executives. As suggested in the title, this year’s conference focused on the integration and differentiation challenges companies and countries face to compete in…


HBS Insider: Financial Markets and Investments

While HBS may be known as a General Management-focused school, many of us have a strong interest in the behavior of financial markets. Whether implicitly (through a 401k) or explicitly (being interested in a career in asset management), we are all tied to the performance of publicly traded securities. Even the rates we pay on…


Cyberposium 2004:

On January 16th – 17th, the HBS campus came alive with over 500 participants from all over the world, who arrived to attend the Ninth Annual Cyberposium Conference focused on “harnessing technology’s promise at Harvard Business School”. Howard Charney of Cisco Systems opened the conference by speaking on “From Optimal to Integral, the Global Build-Out…


All I Know About Iraq, I Learnt it in Kindergarten

When I was in kindergarten, we used to argue a lot about fundamental issues, like whose father was the strongest. We had a lot of discussions to prove our points, some rational, some not, but we sure felt strongly about the issue. We were too young I believe to understand that our arguments were irrelevant….


Bob Rubin Speaks to Select MBA Journalists

While many ECs were slaving away at their summer internships and the RCs were relishing their final weeks of vacation, a group of only nine writers and editors from the nation’s top business schools met at Citigroup for an intimate breakfast meeting with former U.S. Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin. Robert (“Bob”) Rubin, currently a…


Asian Venture Capital and Private Equity

Three practitioners presented their perspectives on the venture capital and private equity industry in Asia on the Asia Business Conference panel “Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship.” Andy Goldfarb, Senior Managing Director at JAFCO and HBS alumnus, started by providing a overall perspective on doing business in Asia. JAFCO, a leading Japanese private equity firm, has $750…


My Top 10 Sporting Events for the First Half of 2002

Super Bowl XXXVI (February 3, New Orleans) The only team that can beat the Rams is the Rams. How far can Tom Brady take New England? 2002 Winter Olympics (February 8-24, Salt Lake City)Do you believe in miracles? Sportscaster Jim McKay returns to the booth for the games. HBS Rugby Spring Tour (February 15-18, Bahamas)Our…


From the Far East to Colonial New England

Before I left Korea to come to Boston, the only thing I knew about Bean Town was that it was an educational city with MIT and Harvard University. My husband (Michael Lee, September Cohort 2002) and I arrived in Boston on July 12th, 2000. Can you guess what was the first thing that greeted us?…

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