Eco-Friendly Office Tips

This summer, most of us will be drinking the Kool-Aid once again after one year of drinking out of eco-friendly Nalgenes. For those of us trying to live environmentally friendly existences, staying Green in an office setting can present a real challenge. Offices are notorious for using copious amounts of paper and electricity, and are… Continue reading Eco-Friendly Office Tips

You've Got Dinged!

Alejandro outlines his thoughts on why so many ECs are still without offers. The US Labor Department recently reported that the October unemployment rate fell to 4.4 percent. Fine and dandy, I thought to myself-I remain 100 percent unemployed. In the aftermath of hell week interviews, I am surely not the only EC trying to… Continue reading You've Got Dinged!

Riding the

Traveling from the heights of the Nepalese mountains to the lows of Silicon Valley, playwright and actor Jonathan Mirin took his HBS audience on a rollercoaster ride through the boom and bust of the late 90s Internet era. Mirin performed his autobiographical play “Riding the” last week in an event sponsored by the Art… Continue reading Riding the