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My Best Advice to You is to Start Drinking

The moment you’ve all been waiting for. . . the Final Episode. . . our last hurrah. In honor of the spam-filtering fiasco that developed this week at HBS–we have a great new idea! We should filter Omar’s columns on a weekly basis. HBS students should be able to just say “earmuffs” and not have…


Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace

Now it’s my turn. I get to be the Grady Little of humor writing tonight since my partner in crime, the larger-than-life Kevin Barhydt, had to bail on me tonight for interviews on the left coast. Hopefully his coffee serving skills for the Starbucks second round are better than his hockey game. I have to…


Houston. . . We Have 'Pooter Buns

It is with much fear that I write this column tonight. My partner in crime, the notorious Casey Nolan, had to bail on me tonight. Apparently he thinks some $10,000 Case Competition is more important than this column. “Maverick, never, ever leave your wingman.” Where are his priorities? What is Omar going to say? (Writer’s…


It's Getting Real. . . It's Getting Hard.

“Real” and “Hard”. . . this is what we were teased with at the beginning. Our expectations were high and boy, did ABC not deliver. THIS SHOW WAS BRUTAL!!! We are now starting to believe that Grady Little intentionally blew Game 7, because he wanted to be a guest producer for this show. There is…


This Is Orgasmic

[Editor’s Note: Bob-a-Palooza is a regular column (though one of questionable literary value) chronicling the tale of the T.V. series, The Bachelor which is on ABC.] Apparently word has gotten out about the new Harbus humor column. In Fact, Last Wednesday’s Red Sox game was pushed up from 8pm to 4pm to alleviate our conflict…


Bob-a-Palooza Heats Up

Editors Note: Kevin and Casey, with obviously far too much time on their hands, regale us again in part two of their continuing, er, blow by blow of the reality show, “The Bachelor.” Much to our surprise, we’re back for week two. We must admit, we were a little concerned that we wouldn’t be invited…


Bob, Bachelorettes, and a Biscuit

While many of our classmates were anxiously awaiting the start of company presentations, we were holding our breath for the premier of “The Bachelor.” We don’t know about you, but we would much rather hear 25 women tell us why they are perfect, than hear 25 companies tell us why they’re not hiring. For the…

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