Regards Redux

Several days ago, a romantic interest signed an email, “Regards.” At first, I didn’t give the closing much thought. However, as time marched on and I read the email again and again and…well, again, the sign off became more and more unsettling. Eventually, the word stood out to me, cold and sterile as stainless steel.… Continue reading Regards Redux

Editorial: I'm Not That Guy

Everyone wants to know who That Guy is, which makes for the funny sounding and pun like question – “Who is That Guy?” After a moment of starting into space, I tell them what I tell everyone, including the newspaper staff, friends, section mates and even my Mom. Flatly, “I can’t tell you.” Then they… Continue reading Editorial: I'm Not That Guy

Shocking Sign-offs:

Two weeks ago in the humor section we were treated by Keith Wolf to a pretty comprehensive list of various ways to end an email, as well as a translation for all you novices out there as to the true intention behind “later”, “toodles”, and the infamous “regards”. And believe me folks, it wasn’t pretty.… Continue reading Shocking Sign-offs: