Welcome Back, Old F!

The overall response to summer jobs was lackluster, but that did not keep OF from being busy otherwise. We had 4 weddings: Jennifer Crawford (O’Donnell) and Robert CrawfordDune Thorne and Neville McCaghrenCarlos de la Fuente and Marcela GonzalezAndres Saenz and Laura VillalobosAnd numerous recent engagements, including:J.J. Kardwell and Molly Fogg Pinar Fazlioglu and Murat Abay… Continue reading Welcome Back, Old F!

Jobs, Anyone?

Well, the Froggies are looking pretty harried post Hell-week. At a time when we have such incredible educational resources available to us, it is indeed a shame that we need to spend so much time deciding between job offers. Ninety-two percent of us came out with multiple offers, and now there are so many variables… Continue reading Jobs, Anyone?

From the Frog Pond

Frrrrogs! I am pleased to report that most of us are pulling through this tough period-that is, the period of switching back to five-day weeks! Who knew it would be so hard!? We have now had both our men’s and ladies’ events. While I am slightly foggy on the details of the men’s event, I… Continue reading From the Frog Pond