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Immersion Experience – USAID: Jordan Trip

Three HBS students were sponsored by USAID during the winter break to participate in a three week consultancy project in the Jordanian water sector. With water supplied 2 days or fewer out of 7 to most Jordanians, the water sector is of huge importance and is in need of drastic steps. It was a challenging…


HBS Students Face Fear on the Flying Trapeze

Attending Boston Trapeze School Some people are scared of spiders, others fear the dark, and still others are terrified of public speaking. I am afraid of heights. As a child this fear left me content to hold everyone’s belongings and watch from the ground while my friends rode the newest, tallest, fastest, twenty loop, upside…


We Need Your Help

Yes, we need your help. It may seem odd that two ridiculously good looking, suave, intelligent men with dance moves like Usher and writing skills like King should need any help with anything at all. Let’s be honest, did Jordan need help dunking? Did Shakespeare need help writing sonnets? Did Bush need help in Iraq?…


HBS Rocks

The Acoustic Lounge includes five members of the HBS Class of 2004: Paul Boruta (OA – rhythm guitar, bass, vocals), Dan Edwards (OG – piano, vocals), Ranwa Sarkis (OJ – vocals), Omer Tore (OD – percussion, bass, guitar) and Jordan Burton (OJ – lead guitar). The band recently played a CD release party in Burden…


SA / MBA Awards:

The Student Association and the MBA Program have partnered to develop an awards program that recognizes students who have excelled in their efforts to improve or promote the extended HBS community. Nominations can be made by any member of the HBS community, and the Awards Committee comprised of both students and staff uses multiple criteria,…


Game Notes: Nobody Beats the Wiz

Somehow I scored not just good seats , but great seats; the best seats and to Michael Jordan’s last game in Boston, directly behind the Celtic’s bench, close enough to hear Antoine Walker scream “[Explicative]” after missing a key free throw in the fourth quarter. Close enough to grab a Gatorade from the Celtics drink…


Watching Kobe and Ray Allen

After getting dinged on a final round interview, I decided to sulk by watching the Lakers and Sonics game before coming home on the red eye flight back to the east coast. Here are my thoughts on the game. The Seattle arena announcer calls the newly acquired Ray Allen “Sugar Ray” Allen. I ask the…


Sharon vs. Arafat:

Many student and alumni readers of The Harbus took offense at last week’s article, “Sharon vs. Arafat: An Alternative Approach to Peace in the Middle East.” At best, the article displays a partial and flawed understanding of Middle East history. At worst, it misleads readers into accepting lopsided logic. Among the troubling arguments are the…


OJ Goes Skiing

Editor’s Note: A little concerned that the latest version of “OJ Goes Skiing” hadn’t shown up as scheduled on Wednesday night, and that Good Doctor Sanjay’s article had been lost in the email server crash, your Humor Editor phoned Sanjay on Thursday morning. Unable to reach him, the Humor Editor left a message. After class,…


Vernon Jordan: More than a "First Friend"

Vernon Jordan has a remarkable story, and last Monday he came to the Kennedy School Forum to tell it. Jordan is a rare individual; an African-American who can lay claim to both a distinguished career in the civil rights movement and a seat in the top rank of the American legal and financial establishment. He…

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