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The Great Deception: Harvard Escort Service

I came straight from Ghana to sunny Miami for College. So when I moved to Boston last year, winter was something new to me, despite having lived eight years in the U.S. In November I called one of my boys in the lower latitudes, lamenting how cold it was getting and how I did not…


Venue Review

The Paradise Rock Club is an unlikely venue at the best of times. Situated next door to T’s Pub at 969 Commonwealth Avenue, it’s a small 500 person capacity venue. It has also been the launching pad for numerous trans-Atlantic artists over the past couple of decades; U2, for instance, played their first US gig…


Josh Coval Takes Harbus NFL Pick 'em Title

The Harbus NFL Pick ’em Contest came to a close over winter break, with a new champion dominating the field – the faculty’s Josh Coval. Holding the lead since week 4, Josh won with a margin of over 100 points, and finished more than 400 points above the last-place finisher, Daniel Pullin (OA). For his…


Admit Day Adventures

I remember Admit Day last year like it was yesterday. I hadn’t told my boss at Unilever that I had even applied to business school, so I made up some horrendous excuse to take the day off. I had been at some “very important” event the night before (so important that only one year later,…


John Harvard's Brewery Dinner

Most people think of wine as the supreme accompaniment to a meal, yet many in the beer world disagree. Beer is gentler on the taste buds and isn’t as reactive with foods as wine can be. Indeed, the flavor of wine can prevent some foods from being fully savored and vice versa. Though change is…


Zibby Feels Frantic

Who turned on the work? I have to admit, until a couple weeks ago, I felt pretty good about MBA academics. Because I was one of the few undergrads anal enough to read every single page of assigned reading on time (usually early), the 25-pages a night of case reading seemed like a breeze. Sure,…


The Place to B

Welcome to the NB column. Here you will find the inside scoop on Club B (not the official nickname yet, but it will be if I get my way) just as often as I get around to writing it. I’m really excited to be serving as NB Harbus Rep and I hope to make you…


To D or Not to D, Part Deux

Last term, we pondered the age-old query, “To D or Not to D?” for that is the question. We came to one D-finitive conclusion: Section D rocks the House! Here’s why: The new President of the SA is none other than our own LORI SCHOCK. Let us define for you the Schockwave Effect, for those…

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