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Sustainability in the Recession

The Green Living Reps & the Harvard Office of Sustainability have been discussing some of the impacts of the recession on the sustainability movement. While there are challenges in an economic downturn, there are also amazing opportunities. The recession. While it has only been “official” since the NBER announcement a couple months ago, we’ve all…


Your Search for a Job Can Start in the Laundry

Dear Fellow HBS students, Several things have been happening these past few weeks. Hell Week (Heaven Week for some), Hell Week & then some more Hell Week. But guess what folks, we at the Green Living team discovered that there are lots of great Green jobs on the Job Bank. And here is a step-by-step…


Interviewing Escapades

Well, RCs, it’s about that time. You have embarked on a journey that the second-year students are sick and tired of. Some of you are looking for a job; it’s quite noticeable from all of the people in Spangler project rooms last week past 5pm. (Cranberry was over a long time ago, so get real)….


Welcome to HBS

To the Class of 2005: Congratulations and welcome to the Harvard Business School! I am sure your head is spinning as you try to settle into a new home, a new school, a new city and for some of you, a new country. Never worry, it will finally stop spinning somewhere close to the end…


HBS Recruiting Spring 2003:

Put simply, the 2003 job market is not for the faint of heart. In recent months, HBS students have joined the masses across the country searching for employment, with many finding success through on-campus recruiting, and many others depending on their personal network search to land the perfect job. While today’s market is arguably even…


ECs Begin On-Campus Recruiting

This week, the job market is top of many EC students’ agendas, as they busily prepare for the on-campus recruiting schedule beginning Wednesday, October 30. Recruiting is also top of mind for many RC students, as they begin to make decisions regarding summer opportunities. General Recruiting EnvironmentThe MBA recruiting environment is generally regarded as the…


Career Services Implementing New Job Bank

Career Services has undertaken a major new initiative to replace the HBS Career Link with a new Job Bank. The Job Bank is only being rolled out to RCs this year, while ECs will continue to use the latest version of HBS Career Link. HBS Career Link and the Job Bank are on-line programs that…


Recruiting Tips for International Students

The recruiting process is probably the biggest cause of stress for most HBS students and for international students it can be doubly stressful. Hopefully the following advice will help. It is generally targeted at international students wishing to work in the United States, but could also be useful if you are searching for a job…


From Heaven to Hell, Halloween Masquerade Party

Some members of the January Cohort put on their own “unofficial” masquerade ball as a way to blow off steam from a week of interviews (or a lack thereof). Hell was in the basement featuring cases from first year Meg Whitman, Wingspan, and National Cranberry. The ground floor was Earth and exhibited contemporary “Day of…


CareerLink to Provide More Help for Job Hunters

The MBA Career Services office has unveiled its new web-based recruiting portal, HBS CareerLink, this fall. The much anticipated CareerLink has completely replaced the Job Bank and will be a “one-stop-shop” destination for all future on- and off-campus recruiting activities. In addition to a completely new and improved user interface, the site offers a host…


It's Coming!

The MBA Career Services office will unveil its new web-based recruiting portal this Fall. The much anticipated website will completely replace the Job Bank and will be a “one-stop-shop” destination for all future on- and off-campus recruiting activities. In addition to a completely new and improved user interface, the site offers a host of features…

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