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How to Argue like Jesus

By Charles Huang, Contributing Writer What does JC stand for? Jesus Christ to most, John Coleman (MBA/MPA OJ 2010) to others around campus. What both JCs share though, is a gift and talent for communication. Coleman has demonstrated his prowess as winner of the Fall 2008 HBS Speech Club’s BS Competition. However, some of Coleman’s…


The Importance of Faith and Setting an Example:

The Harvard Business School Latter-day Saints Student Association (LDSSA) welcomed Jane Clayson Johnson and her husband Mark to a club “fireside” on Sunday, April 9th for an hour-long discussion on faith, the importance of giving service to others, and being an example to one’s peers. This fireside was the latest in a monthly speaker series…


Veritas Forum Poses Tough Questions

Harvard students and alumni gathered to discuss themes of love and Christianity during the Veritas Forum’s three day seminar and lecture series held on campus this past weekend. This year’s forum, whose teaser posters questioned “Where is the love?,” featured several speakers who discussed topics including ‘Poverty and the Creative Response,’ ‘The Coherence of God’s…


Who are the Mormons?

“Who are the Mormons?” you might ask. Many people first think of the Mormon faith as a sheltered religion tucked away in the Rocky Mountains of Utah. Actually, there are more than 12 million members worldwide and more than 50% live outside the United States. You have probably met some of the Mormon HBS students…


Under the Banner of Heaven

Mormonism is the fastest growing religion in the United States with 11 million Mormons throughout the world today. This is an astounding number when you think about the fact that the religion is only 170 years old and has more members than Judaism. Mormonism has been dubbed “The American Religion” and the Church of Jesus…


Who are the Mormons?-One Mormon's Perspective

The recent Winter Olympics turned the world’s attention for a brief moment to the unlikeliest of places–Salt Lake City, Utah. Besides a really saline lake, Salt Lake is also home to the world headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (11 million members total, 6 million outside the U.S.). As a Mormon,…

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