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What's Hot This Week

The SA Senate’s Housing and New Construction Committee is ready to unveil a new section of the prematriculation web site designed to help admitted students with their Allston-area housing searches. The new site will contain data about the lottery process and a given student’s odds of getting the housing they want, as well as variety…


From Heaven to Hell, Halloween Masquerade Party

Some members of the January Cohort put on their own “unofficial” masquerade ball as a way to blow off steam from a week of interviews (or a lack thereof). Hell was in the basement featuring cases from first year Meg Whitman, Wingspan, and National Cranberry. The ground floor was Earth and exhibited contemporary “Day of…


Error 404: In-class Wireless Ethernet Terminated by Faculty

The two-term experiment to bring cutting-edge wireless Ethernet technology to Aldrich Hall ground to a halt this month, after HBS faculty members voted to disable the system from 8:30 am until 3:00 pm, citing concerns that it was a disruption within the classroom. The decision was made despite a broad consensus among students who used…


Orientation 2003: On the Front Lines

If HBS’ preparations to handle the arrival of all members of the Class of 2003 at one time can be compared to a battle plan, the volunteers who will be running Orientation are on the front lines. While details about venues and specific scheduling are still being finalized, the three coordinators-Ipsita Dasgupta, Trisha Jung, and…


Experience Gilded Age Elegance at the Newport Ball

Summer is almost upon us and, besides having the whole campus to ourselves, the January Cohort can soon enjoy another exclusive event: The Newport Ball! The Newport Ball has traditionally been the main formal event at HBS. This year we have chosen the Astors’ Beechwood Mansion, a beautiful ocean-front property located in historic Newport, Rhode…


Plunkett, Schock to Lead Class of 2002

Congratulations to the new SA Co-Presidents, Lori Schock (ND) and Mark Plunkett (NK), and to the new SA Social Committee – Cecily Kovatch (ND), Marci Walner (NA) and Tiberius Vadan (NI). Elections for the new SA Co-Presidents and Social Committee took place on April 4. Candidates campaigned from March 30 until the end of April…


Down With the January Cohort

Next summer, we will wave goodbye to the January Cohort forever. And all we have to say is: “Good Riddance!” Why would anyone EVER want to be a January, anyway? It’s like consciously CHOOSING to be a red-headed stepchild. The time has come to put these second-class citizens out to pasture. If you have any…


Life in NH

The 85 students of Section H, which stands for Hellraisers of the January Cohort, have burst onto the HBS scene since they came together at the end of Foundations in late January. The section includes an architect, three of the cohort’s four Germans, (for the first time) two Portuguese students, several Canadians (it’s hard to…


Section Q

I have been seriously discussing with myself, a very tough interlocutor, for about three hours what could be the best way of welcoming and saluting the last glorious January Cohort in HBS history: the one of Class 2002. After having written two versions of this article I decided I had better reviewing what I wrote…

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