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News In Brief:

EC Student Forgets Sectionmate’s Name(Spangler Lawn) EC student Mike Giarusso “completely blanked” on his sectionmate’s name yesterday when she said “hello” to him between classes. “I seriously had no idea who she was,” said Giarusso, “but I think I covered it up pretty well.” The unknown student, a Ms. Martha Jones, disagrees. “It was so…


And That Was the Year That Was…

This year has been, overall, a blast. Hard work? Yes. A bit of a culture shock? Yes. A financially dubious move when the economy is shaky? Maybe. Will I look back in ten years and regret having been here? Never (but then it wasn’t me who had to sit through Finance). I’ve chosen a few…


Film Review: "Die Another Day"

Throughout the semester, we will be busying ourselves with practical questions posed by the reality of our lives: “Will there be a war soon?”, “How can we enhance firm growth? “Who on Earth will give me a job?” But today I would like to address a far more pressing issue, one that has haunted me…


The Intraview

Never Say ‘Never Date’ AgainBy Irina Zavina (NJ) For some reason, even a wise woman like Goldie had difficulties finding that perfect match for me. Perhaps she thought I was picky. Or maybe the “Partner: James Bond” and “Interests: Men’s Swimming, Chocolates and Salsa Dancing” fields on my classcard just seemed too stand-offish to some?…


Cyberposium: The Russians Are Coming

“True opportunities are not always obvious” was the main message from the well-known venture capitalist Esther Dyson, who spoke at the HBS’s technology conference Cyberposium 2002 on February 8th. The audience included a thousand plus business leaders and students from top business schools, who gathered from all over the world to listen and discuss the…


They Said What About Cool Cars?

This week we have a variety of quotes from around the HBS campus, many related to the popular non-traditional advertising campaign in which the new BMW Z3 roadster was marketed in conjunction with the 1995 MGM/United Artists James Bond movie Goldeneye. All members of our HBS community, especially those outside of New Section H, are…


FACE IN THE CROWD: James Carroll (OI)

James Carroll (callsign: Dipper) has a certain calmness, good-natured humor and confidence about him. One might, at first, attribute it to the maturity that marriage and fatherhood brings… or a Virginia upbringing. Certainly factors. But after an hour long interview, I am convinced his soundness is firmly rooted in his 14-year tenure with the United…


Searching the world over for my angel in black

Spending Christmas vacation skiing with my sister’s new in-laws in Switzerland sounded like a great idea, as I hadn’t skied in 12 years. And these were no ordinary in-laws; these were the extreme sportsman/lets-go-climb-some-ridge-that-has-never-been-skied-before types. I figured this activity would be the perfect mental and physical exercise for the upcoming EuroTrek. So I donned my…

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