IXP – China

“There are several paths to success.” That is my key learning from the China IXP this January that proved to be an amazing learning opportunity and an extremely dazzling experience. I was hooked on the charm of the orient. I went on the China IXP because I was attracted by their economic success and the… Continue reading IXP – China

Genetic Engineering

Ivy League schools are inundated with ads for potential egg donors-women who for a considerable sum of money donate their eggs to a couple for in vitro fertilization. What happens once they sign on? And what role do the fertility clinics who match the donors to the recipients play? A well-dressed couple in their early… Continue reading Genetic Engineering

Early Impressions of HBS from a New Ivy

The PlaceThe business school is unique in that it is a separate and distinct campus from Harvard University, with its own buildings, library, and on-campus living. The grounds are beautiful and well kept. There is indeed ivy growing on the walls of many buildings. Most of the buildings are brick with classic designs. Many of… Continue reading Early Impressions of HBS from a New Ivy