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It’s possible that one day you’ll be walking down a street in Ngozi, a little village fit into the green hills of Burundi in Africa, and you’ll see on your left, a container. You have been traveling around Africa for a bit and you know how things can get reused, so there is nothing strange…


Interviews: Dressing to Impress

Whether you like it or not, how professional you look will factor into your overall success during recruitment. You certainly don’t want to leave a negative impression based on your appearance and undermine your otherwise stellar interview performance. In this spirit, we’ve compiled some useful rules to help you make good choices. 10) Color For…


2008 – Retrospective – Breaking Down Barriers

To celebrate the New Year in Italy, it is tradition to throw old things out of one’s window. This is practiced perhaps more literally than foreigners might suspect – it behooves passersby to heed falling objects. We in the United States could do worse than to adopt this strategy, at least in the figurative sense….


Restaurant Review: Umbria

Umbria – the city known as the “green heart of Italy” – is the inspiration for this eating establishment located in Boston’s Financial District. It was born on the platform of providing traditional Umbrian dishes, as well as simple, yet robust, cuisine. The truth is, Umbria has oozing potential to be a first-class joint, yet…


Restaurant Review: Lucca Adds Twist to North End Dining

If you’re craving Italian, you have to check out Boston’s “Little Italy”, commonly referred to as the North End. Last week my boyfriend, paying me a surprise visit, gave me an excuse to explore another great restaurant. I had grown tired of the lifeless pasta & chicken dishes served at most Italian spots, so my…


Giddyup Soldier!

I don’t really know what that means, but it sure sounds kind of cool. Hmm, I’m not sure what to write today. I could write about my spring break plans (Italy, ooh), but I’m afraid that providing any additional information might threaten my secret identity. Oh, I know what we could talk about! Let’s talk…


Social Reform in Italy

“The faster Italy resolves its own contradictions, the greater role it will be able to play in helping Europe achieve its three main goals: political integration, institutional efficiency, and competitiveness in the global economy.” With these words, Antonio D’Amato, chairman of the Italian Business Federation, concluded the meeting with MIT and Harvard students at the…


Oenophile's Corner-The Wines of Italy

I don’t know anything about wine, so I thought I’d write a wine column. Isn’t that what we learn at HBS?-to have an opinion about something we know relatively little about? According to Mark Twain, “All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.” Well, since I have plenty…


Now I Know What You Did Last Summer

I still remember with great clarity the day that I came home to find that envelope from HBS. After a few seconds of euphoria the questions arose: What now? What do I do next? Which brings me to my bigger question: What happens after a group of high-powered, high achiever types come home from the…


Case Rip Cord:

“Globalization of Markets”: In his seminal 1983 Harvard Business Review article, retired HBS Marketing Professor Theodore Levitt argues that consumers in markets worldwide crave premium products that mulitnational corporations produce in their home countries. When these mulitnationals expand globally, Levitt says they should avoid the push by marketing departments to customize their products for the…

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