Where in the World did you Spend your Summer–Adam Chepenik (OI)

As I sat down, I instantly realized the grass was damp.ÿNo matter.ÿ For a Southerner passionate about government and service to the American public, it was a surreal moment.ÿ There I was, sitting on the South Lawn of the White House, with the President, his senior advisors, and various other distinguished guests watching a fireworks… Continue reading Where in the World did you Spend your Summer–Adam Chepenik (OI)

Tips for Taxes

Winter is here and the tax season is upon us. Meeting the April 15th deadline is less of a challenge now, thanks to electronic filing and more forms and information available on the Web. So, even the Boston blizzards shouldn’t prevent you from getting started on those taxes! Here are some resources to help you… Continue reading Tips for Taxes

Tax Relief Made Easy

With April 15th fast approaching, it’s time to pull out your old tax returns and figure out where you put last year’s receipts for your charitable donations. For many years HBS students have been going to Lewis Weinstein of GenerationTax to help them sort through the maze of tax rules and regulations in hopes of… Continue reading Tax Relief Made Easy

Steve Bennett

Please forward this to Steve Bennett for me. I was using the Intuit online customer support last night to resolve a problem that exists in the TurboTax Deluxe for Windows product. My problem was NOT resolved and the session was TERMINATED by the agent without my consent. The complete transcript follows below. Sincerely, Brian Hathaway412-761-4694Brian@Hathaway.net———————————————–… Continue reading Steve Bennett

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